Summary: Because we belong to God we must be holy in our conduct, live in reverent fear, and love one another sincerely. An expository message.

Because We Belong to God I Pet. 1:13-25

INTRO.: the Apostle reminds his readers in vv. 1-12 of all they have for which to praise God. They are truly blessed by the grace of God.

However, such blessings carry with them serious obligations and in the passage before us, he outlines some of them. Here we see some instructions on how the people of God should live just because they belong to God.

I. Be holy in conduct. Vv. 13-16

A. Make a firm decision to live for God. V. 13

1. Prepare your minds.

2. Be self-controlled. Cf. 4:7

3. Focus on the return of Jesus.

B. Be obedient children: 17-19

1. Hope and obedience are connected as cause and effect. I Jn. 1:3

2. Do not conform to evil desires. V. 14 Acts 17:30

3. We have power to become sons of God. Jn. 1:12

4. We walk as children of light. Eph. 5:8

C. The holiness of God is our example and standard.

1. Holy means pure, separated from the world like God is.

2. "In all you do."

3. Our aim is to be godlike. Lev. 20:26

II. Live in reverent fear. 17

A. If we call on God to save us.

1. He is no respecter of persons. Acts 10:34. He will judge us all the same.

2. According to our works. II Cor. 5:10

3. Fear may be a powerful motivator. Heb. 12:28, 29

B. Because of the price paid. 18, 19

1. We must not view our redemption lightly or we may lose it.

2. They came from a pagan background. We may also have received an empty way of life from our forefathers.

3. We are not saved by perishable things, but by the everlasting blood of Jesus.

4. He is a lamb without blemish or spot.

C. Because our salvation is in God’s hands:

1. He foreordained and manifested it in Christ.

2. By Christ we believe in God. Jn. 14:9

3. God raised Jesus to glory and promises us glory through Him.

4. God will not save the willfully disobedient.

III. Love one another. 22-25

A. Because we have purified our souls.

1. We have done so by obeying the truth.

2. Unfeigned love is the result of heartfelt obedience.

3. Purifying the soul leads to sincere love of the Brethren.

B. We are born of imperishable seed. The Word of God.

1. We should be above hatred

2. We should love, not just in word, but in deed. I Jn. 3:18

3. The weakness and difficulties encountered in the flesh make this difficult.

C. God says fleshly difficulties are minor considerations.

1. The flesh is like grass. It dries up and goes away.

2. God’s Word and its influence live on.

3. This is the Word of which we are born.

4. Through the influence of God’s powerful word, it is possible to love one another as God loves us.

CONC.: Because we belong to God, we should live holy lives. We should live in reverent fear, realizing our lives are in God’s hands. We should love one another sincerely with a view toward bettering one another in the Name of Jesus.

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