Summary: Have you ever wondered why other people seem to float through life on a flowery bed of ease, and it seems like your life is one battle after another, and one trial on top of another?

I didn’t come to this house just to preach, I came to prophesy: I hear the Lord saying that many of you have been going through some deep dark trials, some of you are in the fire right now, and the truth is, it’s not just normal everyday trials.

Some of you have been experiencing crazy trials, things that don’t even make sense, you’ve been hit in ways you never expected.

And you’ve been hit harder than ever before.

I’m going to tell you, it’s not your imagination that is exactly what’s happening.

It’s because you are a threat to hell. It’s because you’ve got something that a lot of professing Christians don’t have, and a lot of churches don’t have, “It’s because you are anointed”.

In our text Paul is being transported by ship to Rome to stand before Caesar for the testimony of his faith.

Paul warns them of calamity ahead, but they do not listen.

How many tonight would be honest enough to say, you could have avoided a lot of hardships in life if you would have just listened to good advice?

(Even though they ignored his advice: God was merciful) I think somebody needs to say thank God for his mercy.

He sent an Angel to Paul with a message: God has given you all them which sail with thee.

That tells me something.

“You better stay with the anointing”

I don’t care how good it looks or how good it sounds, or how big it is, or how popular it is, or they are (the one question you better be asking yourself is, “Where is the anointing? Is the anointing in it? Are they anointed? )

I am not against talent and I am not against education and I am not against having a big church. (But the fact is: when I’m going through hell, and the devil is trying to kill me, or kill my family, or kill my ministry) It’s not talent that I need, it’s not education that I need, it’s not a big church or a big name that I need. ( It’s something called the Anointing)

Paul was not just a man, he was a man anointed with the Holy ghost and Power.

You need to stay with the anointing.

Your victory, your healing, your miracle, your deliverance, your destiny, it’s with the anointing.

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of the power of the anointing on your life.

Your business may not know it, but they are blessed because of you, your family, your church, they’re blessed because of you.

Because you’re anointed.

Because of the anointing on your life: Lives are going to be preserved, souls are going to be saved, (Satan is not going to succeed, his plans are going to fail).

In our text we see the Apostle Paul has just survived a ship wreck, now he is bitten by a snake, a viper.

And this is not just an every day common variety of snake, this viper is a deadly viper.

This viper is well known on this Island.

Many times these islanders have seen the horrible deaths that had resulted because of the poison of this vipers bite.

As soon as they see this viper hanging on Paul’s hand, they go to forecasting his death.

I want to stop here and tell you, there are some folk around you that know that you’ve been going through something and they know the devil has attacked you and right now they’re forecasting your death.

This might shock some of you, but there are some people around you that are happy you got bit.

They are taking pleasure in your pain, they want to see you cry.

I’m reminded of Josephs brothers who threw him in a pit and left him there to die, and sat down on the side of the pit and had lunch.

They entertained themselves listening to Josephs cries for help.

There are some people around you that are enjoying your pain, they are glad you got bit, they’re saying things like.

I knew they weren’t going to make it, I knew that marriage wouldn’t last, I knew they couldn’t afford that house.

I knew they would never make it in ministry.

I knew they weren’t qualified for that job.

I knew their children were going to end up on drugs or in prison.

Then they say things like: Who do they think they are anyway?

They should have just settled down like the rest of us, they should have just been satisfied with what they had.

They shouldn’t have ever started that soul winning campaign, and they for sure shouldn’t have started that building program.

They should have just stayed in the boat with the rest of us here in the projects, what’s all this nonsense about blessings and promotions, and walking on the water and healing the sick and working miracles.

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