Summary: Jacob became Israel, in this story are the keys to being blessed by God

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Intro: the story of Jacob becoming Israel is one of the most fascinating in the Bible. Up until this point, Jacob seemingly had done everything his own way. He was a deceiver, he had basically cheated his way through life. But the story of Jacob becoming Israel is based on God’s love, and God’s promise. Today, we will look at this story and preach a message entitled,

“ Becoming A Blessed Community”

Genesis 32:22-32

background: Jacob was tired of his life of deceit, tired of walking in the flesh instead of the blessings of God. So we find Jacob getting serious with God. Everyone who desires to be blessed by God has come to this place, where they say, it is God or nothing. Here are some important steps in becoming a blessed community.

I. Desire-v.22-24 here is the first key to becoming a blessed community, Jacob desired God. All through his life God had desired Jacob, to bless him, to love him, to help him, but Jacob did everything on his own. Now Jacob comes to the place that everyone must come to in life in order to be blessed, he was sick and tired of doing life by himself.

a. he got alone with God–he got serious, he went to a place alone to find God. There are a few people who have found God in the crowd, but generally God is found when we get alone, and get serious with God.

b. Jacob knew the promise over his life was still unfulfilled, and life was passing him by. I guess this night was a spiritual wake up call for Jacob. It was the now or never time.

God has plans for everyone’s life, it is His desire to bless people, but until someone gets serious with God, God cannot give His full measure into their lives.

II. Determination–24b-26 I will not let you go until you bless me. Here is the next step in being blessed by God. You must be determined that you want God in your life more than anything else. Everyone who will be blessed by God must have the attitude, nothing else matters but God.

a. in Jacob becoming Israel there is a struggle. God gives us an illustrated sermon, if you want things in God, there will be times of personal struggle to obtain them.

b. God’s touch didn’t make Jacob stronger, but made him weaker. He came into this match strong in his flesh, but after God touched him, he left with a limp. Part of being blessed by God is God making you to become dependant on Him. He is basically showing us through Jacob, surrendering to God’s will is key to walking in God’s blessings.

III. Destiny–27-28 the last key to becoming a blessed community, is a willingness to go in a new direction in life. No longer deceiver, but prevailer. Jacob had spent his whole life going his way, now God says, you are going to do it My way.

a. everything that Jacob had struggled for in the flesh to receive, he now receives by surrendering his life to God.

It is so true in our lives, all our dreams, goals, desires, will be met in surrender to God. He is the only one who holds the key that opens the doors to destiny.

b. what an exciting thing to go back to his family a changed man. His family was about to walk in God’s blessing because of his surrender to God’s will. It is the same today, God desires to make each of us a blessing in this world. To our family, to our friends, to the lost, to the hurting. God wants to bless us so that we will become a blessing.

close: today, let’s become a blessed community. By desiring God, by determining to never let go, by surrendering to His destiny for our lives.

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that try to build it.

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