Summary: Philip demonstrates for us some very important principles in reaching out with the Good News

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Philip and the Ethiopian Acts 8:26-40

Becoming a world class missionary-

1. Get in tune with the Holy Spirit.

(Verse 26)

Getting in tune with the Holy Spirit requires:



Clear mind and focus

I did an experiment by asking everyone in the auditorium to say their name outloud three times. Beforehand I asked one man to say the name of Jesus three times outloud. After everyone had said their name outloud three times I asked if anyone had heard the name of Jesus being said. Only one person raised their hand. I pointed out that with all the voices of the world competing for our attention, many times it’s hard to hear Jesus. We need to quiet our lives and get in tune with the Holy Spirit.

2. Obey the Holy Spirit

(verse 27, 29-30)

It is one thing to hear, but another to listen and obey

He who knows the good he ought to do it and doesn’t do it, sins.

3. Go to the seeking.

(Verse 30)

Notice that Philip went to the man. We must go to the lost world. We cannot wait for them to come to us.

4. Ask a lot of questions

(Verse 30)

Listen before speaking.

People love to talk about their lives.

Questions are a great way to open doors to witnessing.

‘If you died tonight, why should God let you into heaven?”

5. Start where they are.

(Verse 35)

Philip started with an Old Testament scripture, and shared the good news.

6. Look for a response.

(Verse 37-38)

Philip stopped the chariot at first chance and made sure the man was baptized.

7. Soul winning is contagious.

(Verse 40)

Philip went on preaching.

8. Give God the Glory

The Ethiopian official went rejoicing.

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