Summary: The message teaches us that one of the keys to reaching the lost is to "become all things to all people."

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Becoming all things to all People

I Corinthians 9:19-23

Introduction: (v. 19, 22b)

I. We don’t have to do anything.

A. Once you become a Christian, no one can tell you

that you need to follow some “do’s and don’ts”

to get to heaven.

B. Works salvation vs. Grace salvation.

II. But, we need to give everything. Why?

A. We belong to God. (v. 21b)

B. “To win as many as possible.” (v. 19b)

1. “To win” = Direct them into a relationship

with Jesus.

2. Paul wanted to share want he had with everyone.

3. Illus.: Cure for cancer.

a. If you knew the cure for cancer, wouldn’t

you want to share it?

b. “I don’t have to give it to anyone.”


I. Don’t forget where you came from. (v. 20a)

A. This was easy! Paul was a Jew!

1. However, he left that lifestyle when he began

following Jesus.

2. He gave up on the lifestyle, but he didn’t

give up on the people.

B. Illus.: Alcoholism:

1. Man leaves the alcoholic lifestyle,

2. But doesn’t forget about his “drinking


C. Remembering your "past" gives you a compassion

for those struggling with your "old struggles."

II.Be flexible in the things you do. (v. 20b)

A.“Under the Law” = Earning salvation through


1.(Acts 21:20-26) Paul went back to his buddies.

They started telling him what he “had” to do.

a. Do the rituals, eat the right foods, say the

right things, etc.

2. What was Paul thinking? I don’t have to do

that anymore. I’m free from that. You can’t

tell me what to do.

3. What did Paul say? I’ll do it.

a. Why? To put him in a position to have an

effect on those peoples lives and ultimately

tell them about Jesus.

B. Illus.: Removing your shoes in a Chinese home.

C. Some people will try to tell you what to do.

III. Remember those who have been rejected. (v. 21)

A. “To those not having the law. . .” =Gentiles

B. Significance: Paul was brought up, “under the


1. And was taught to reject everything else.

2. Including the people. Jews hated Gentiles!

C. Illus.: Jesus and Levi (Don’t turn: Mark 2:14-17)

1. Tax collector was one of the biggest rejects

at this time.

a. He took their money.

b. Gave it to the Roman government.

c. Looked at as being a traitor.

2. Jesus reached out to him.

IV.Bring Jesus to where they are. (v. 22a)

A. To the weak, Paul became weak.

1. What does it mean to become weak?

a. Illus. : Good Samaritan.

b. He brought himself down to the injured mans


2. It means to meet the person where they are in


B. Illus.: Injured Korean soldier. Capt. Drops his

gun, kneels down and extends his hands to him.

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