Summary: Leadership is all about communicating. We communicate to others their worth,their potential. It's about communicating these things so well that they begin actually to see these things in themselves.

You will reproduce according to the same kind. You will attract people that are of the same kind. If we have lot's of garbage in our lives we will attract all sorts of junk.


1. Influence is like wind, you don't see it but it's there. Influence is what make people believe what you said

2. You are listening to me right now because of influence, if I had no influence you wouldn't come to this meeting.

3. You have influence when you live what you preach and you show that you believe in what you preach by the way you live.

Galatians 5:22-23

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.


1. When we grow as young people influence and relationship are tied together. This is why young people have a large circle of friends but as you become an adult the circle of friends diminishes to a couple of friends.

2. Today we have a lot of relationship without intimacy. We use text messaging, email, skype, etc. We have a lot of relationships but very few intimate friends.

3. Relationship is about helping others grow. Some people are stronger and others are weaker. We cover the weaknesses of our friends so we don't expose them to others (I'm not talking about covering up for sin).



Motivation: To compel, insight and induce people to do something.

1. It doesn't involve a change of heart. It may involve a change of action but the heart can stay the same.

2. People can loose motivation and give up because their heart is not there.

3. Motivation can be induced by fear. Many times the fear involved is the fear of failure. (Example: car salesman that is motivated to have a bonus if he sells 100 cars but by the end of the month he will be motivated by fear if he just sold 95)

Inspiration: Comes from the Latin word "Spire" or "Spirit". Motivation comes from the soul but inspiration comes from the Spirit. To influence with courage, to give life or breathe or to move towards something of value. Inspiration is driven by passion, conviction, a resolution that tells you to do something about it.

1. Motivation is connected with something you have to do for you. Inspiration is driven by things you have to do for others. Inspiration is a lifestyle and true leaders inspire rather than motivate..

2. Inspiration is the impact of what you have on others because God put it in you or is the infusion of the influence that God has given you to give to others.

3. Inspiration is a gift that only comes through your love for the other person. People follow you because people realize that you desire to see them get better. They realize that they can achieve their vision through you and they want you to succeed because if you do they can achieve their vision better.

4. Influence is very important. For instance if I have a vision of reaching out to 10 million people I cannot do it living in Northern Alaska. If I want to reach millions of people I should connect with people of influence that will help me reach my goals.

5. Great leaders recognize the power of influence. Love is the motivation that leads us to become people of influence. Great leaders have great joy to see those that they lead improving. This requires a "Father's Heart"

Overall Motivation is about fear and Inspiration is about Love, perfect love cast out all fear.

Oscar Wilde: Some people cause happiness wherever they go. Some other cause happiness whenever they go. (this is the difference between inspirational leaders and motivational leaders).

It's never to late to inspire people for what you are passionate about! We need to learn how to inspire others rather than just motivate them.


1. Leadership is all about communicating. We communicate to others their worth,their potential. It's about communicating these things so well that they begin actually to see these things in themselves.

2. You communicate in such a way that they actually believe it and you need to do it right. You have to communicate potential to people (not position but potential).

3. If you can communicate worth in the hearts of those who listen to you there is no limit for what you can do.

4. You need to communicate others where they are going and explain them how to get there.

5. This is about getting someone to do what they don't really want to do, in order to become who they really want to become.

inspired in message by John Paul Jackson.

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