Summary: The intent of this sermon is to allow persons to evaluate their relation to the Spirit of God.

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A. Received the Spirit of God v.12a

B. Growing in the Grace of God v.12b

C. Speaking the Truth of God v.13


A. Remains in his Unregenerate State v.14a

B. Refuses to Accept the Things of God v.14b

C. Renders no Decision for God v.14c


A. Can’t Speak Spiritually v.1

B. Doesn’t Develop a Diet v.2

C. Fellowships with the Flesh v.3

What would you be like if you ever became the person you desire to be? Would you be a Don Knots kind of person or an Arnold Swartznager type of person? What would your life be like if you became the spiritual person you wanted to be?

The Christians at Corinth were characterizing their lives. They were classifying themselves according to their favorite preacher. Some were saying, “I’m of Paul, I’m of Apollos, I’m of Cephas or I’m of Christ.” In response to this Paul pointed out the real classes of people. He classified people according to their ability to understand the deep things of God. Paul classified people according to their relationship to the Spirit of God.

In our society we often try to stereotype people, professions, and even preachers. The strange thing is we have our own criteria for categorizing them. But the truth of the matter and this message is, people are classified according to their ability to receive and know the things of God. I want you to evaluate where you are in relation to the Spirit and make a choice of where you really want to be. There are three kinds of persons in relation to the Spirit of God. First of all:


The word for “spirit” is pneuma and is the same as used in John 4:24 where it says, “God is Spirit.” So the Spiritual Person is the one who has:

A. Received the Spirit of God v.12a

The verb “received” is an aorist tense verb meaning that at some specific point in a definite event this person received as a guest the Spirit of God. He is God’s presence here and now. The Holy Spirit is all that God was and is and ever will be, just as is God the Father and God the Son. God is God, so the Spiritual Person has at some point received God into their life.

B. Growing in the Grace of God v.12b

The reason we have been given the Spirit is that we might know the deep things of God. To know is to understand His ways, comprehend His will, and experience God Himself by obeying. By being sensitive and submissive to the indwelling Spirit, you continue to receive from God the thoughts, plans, vision, and purposes He has for our lives and His church.

C. Speaking the Truth of God v.13

When you are growing you will want to share what God has given you and is doing in your life. People possessed by the Spirit are interested in how God is working in their life and in the lives of others. Speak by “comparing” or matching spiritual truths with spiritually-minded persons. The spiritual person is perceptive to the particular point at which and with whom they can share the truth of God.

Someone has said, "The spiritual person is the divine ideal in life and ministry in power with God and man in unbroken fellowship and blessing."

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