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Summary: This was a very difficult time for Samuel…Israel the country he served and loved for many years had rejected his leadership because he had grown old.

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Introduction: READ I Sam.16:1-13.


This was a very difficult time for Samuel…Israel the country he served and loved for many years had rejected his leadership because he had grown old.

On top of that his friend…King Saul was guilty of disobeying God’s clear commandments…lying about things he had done…and because of these sins…he had forfeited his throne.

And even though he was still in office he was unfit to lead the nation.

Due to this disobedience by King Saul…Samuel had broken fellowship with him and was saddened because of it.

I know that in our lives…when things don’t seem to be going the way we feel they should… we often find ourselves mourning...kinda feeling sorry for ourselves.

But I also know that in life… even when things are not going the way we like… there are times that we need to act…and for Samuel…this was one of those times.

God had chosen him to anoint the new king over Israel. And this is where we pick up today from our reading.

From reading I Samuel 16:1-13 we learn how a little Sheppard boy… whose job as insignificant as it seemed… was soon to become one of the most famous Kings in the history of Israel…

But where there is usually good happening …there is also bad…along with soon to be one of the most famous kings…he was also soon to be one of the most pursued.

For the future King… it all begins in I Samuel 16 when the prophet Samuel obeys Gods command...

*God directs Samuel to invite Jesse’s family to his home to help him choose and anoint the next king of Israel.

(Going thru all Jesses likely sons (gold’s gym body…READ vs. 11…David)

David is chosen and anointed king over Israel in vs. 13.

This is where Saul’s jealously begins.

Not only does the bible tell us that David was an attractive man…who could also play a mean harp…but also remember that David was also the only one brave enough to go up against the Philistine giant named Goliath.

David’s fame begins to spread like wildfire throughout the Kingdom…and this does nothing but fuel king Saul’s anger.

This is where you step into the picture today…

When a person becomes obedient and changes their lifestyle by serving God.

(Just like David…they often find themselves behind enemy lines)

Obedience and Pride DO NOT MIX

*Read I Sam 18:5-9 (Jealously continues to build) *A Philistine woman brags on David *David is forced to run and live in caves… *King Saul Spends the next 6 Years chasing down David with jealousy and anger.

When a person surrenders to Christ they automatically become one of God’s soldiers (Like King David) and they then find themselves Behind Enemy Lines.

And it is important that you do just as a soldier does when they find themselves stranded Behind Enemy Lines…Go into survival mode.

When you are caught Behind Enemy Lines there are three main things you must do:

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