Summary: Behold Your God - God's power. (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request - email:

Reading: Ephesians chapter 3 verses 14-21

• This morning I want us to centre our thoughts on just two verses;

• That we read in Ephesians chapter 3 – they are verses 20&21.

• These two verses are about like gun powder;

• They might be small but boy are they filled with explosive insights.


• I like the story of the arrogant, prideful lion,

• Who wanted to remind other animals how great he was.

• He went to the gazelle and roared, "Who is the king of the jungle?"

• Trembling, the gazelle answered, "Why, you are, mighty lion."

• He went next to the giraffe and roared, "Who is the king of the jungle?"

• Fearful, the giraffe answered, "Why, you are, mighty lion."

• Next, he went to the monkey and roared, "Who is the king of the jungle?"

• Startled, the monkey answered, "Why, you are mighty lion."

• Finally, he went to the elephant and roared,

• "Who is the king of the jungle?"

• The elephant reached out and grabbed the lion with his trunk,

• Slammed the lion to the ground several times, and flung him at last into a large boulder.

• As the lion lay there he said to the elephant,

• "Just because you didn’t know the answer, you didn’t have to take it personally."

This morning we are looking at another attribute of God.

• The fifth in our series called; ‘Behold Your God!’

• My topic this morning is ‘The Power of God’.

• These attributes are difficult of us to grasp;

• Because we have nothing to compare them with in our minds.

• e.g. you and I are limited in space ­ but God is omnipresent.

• e.g. you and I are limited in knowledge ­ but God is omniscient.

• e.g. you and I are limited in power -

• Yet God is omnipotent, or all-powerful.


• That word theologians use to describe the fact that God is ‘Omnipotent’;

• Meaning: ‘All-powerful, invincible, unstoppable, supreme’.

• It refers to the fact that God’s power is infinite and unlimited.

• e.g. He never grows tired (doesn’t need an afternoon nap);

• He never deteriorates with age (i.e. no hearing aid, no specs, no zimmer frame etc).

• e.g. His batteries never run down – He never needs recharging.

• e.g. He never runs out of fuel – He is always runs on a full tank.

• God’s power is infinite and unlimited.

• He is Omnipotent’;

No matter how hard you look - you will not find that word ‘Omnipotent’ in the Bible:

• The Bible defines God by another word - “Almighty,”

• Which occurs 345 times in the Bible,

• It is a word that is never used of anyone but God.

• God alone is the only one described as ‘Almighty’ e.g. as Psalm 89:8 says,

“O Lord God Almighty, who is like you? You are mighty, O Lord,

and your faithfulness surrounds you.”

Quote: I love how pastor, preacher and author A.W. Tozer puts it:

“God possesses what no creature can: an incomprehensible plenitude of power,

a potency that is absolute.”

• If you want an easier definition to remember try this:

• “Nothing is too difficult for God.”

• He is almighty, omnipotent;

• And he is able to do everything he needs to do or wants to do.

• And these two verses in Ephesians chapter 3;

• Remind us of this great truth!

(1). God is able:


• When I was a kid – I used to read Comic Books.

• Comic Book heroes - Spiderman; Thor, Fantastic Four, Superman; Batman etc.

• One of the best parts of a Comic Book was the Advertisements in the Back of the Book.

• They had the coolest stuff e.g. full of practical jokes & gadgets.

• e.g. You could buy Chewing Gum that would turn your victims teeth black;

• e.g. Sugar cubes that also contained fart powder.

• e.g. Ice-cubes that contained a trick fly frozen inside.

• They had all sorts of practical jokes - everything that a kid needed.


• They also sold gadgets and gizmos:

• One I remember was X-ray Vision Glasses.

• In the advertisement, there was a cartoon of a guy looking at his hand;

• And not only could you could see the outline of his hand,

• But you could also see all of the bones of his hand.

• His hand as a skeleton!

• Well muggings here - like so may other kids saved and saved and saved;

• Filled out the Postal Order (do you remember them?),

• Sent it off in the mail, and then waited.

• In those days it would take between 2 and 1,000 weeks for delivery.

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