Summary: Barnabas we will see was a giving person and cared about other people. How can we live a life like that in a society that says it is all about You?

Being a Barnabas Person

Acts chapter 5:29-39

Introduction- my time away in Wisconsin

I want to talk to you about being a Barnabas or being a part of a church that has a Barnabas mentality.

Most people today wither they admit it or not have a selfish attitude about things that they have. (Tight fisted)

They do not give, not because they do not want too, but because they don’t take the time to see a need and do not make the time that is needed to help someone.

Could you imagine what this community would look like if people took time for each other?

If they actually cared for someone enough to stop for a moment what they were doing to help one another.

Most think, that’s right, if people would do for me… if that was your first thought, then you have bought into the system yourself. It should be how can I help someone? What do I have that could be a blessing to someone else? What could I do to be a blessing?

The government has this Robin Hood mentality that you should take from the evil rich and give to the poor, but in God’s kingdom, whatever you have you should want to not have to give back to God’s kingdom and God’s people.

Acts 5:29-39 Read from Bible

I love the book of Acts.

There is a lot of shaking up going on in the life of the people of God and the life of the newly formed church. The Sanhedrin questioning the disciples by what power that they are doing these amazing and perplexing things and Peter saying it is God’s Holy Spirit empowering and working through them.

It becomes personal.

The church has been accused of being outdated in its approach to people. It used to be the minister opened the doors of the church and people came in. Today that will not happen they are not as quick to just come in. “Because it is good for you, your parents come here, because someone stands up front and lectures is not enough.” The people of today need to see “what” the difference is as well as hear about it. If the church of Christ was on fire, nobody would have to convince others to come, they would see it.

Maybe the church of Christ needs to live what they are preaching?

Churches are being tormented, but they are not being persecuted here in the USA. The third world countries are seeing God moved because in spite of the persecution they have a hunger for God.

We need the hunger of God.

Acts 4:29-

“Now Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand and perform miracles, signs, wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus. After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.”

After that prayer, they began to see God use them to make an impact where God had placed them.

Believers stopped only thinking about themselves and began to look at people in need.

One of the ones that began to see people needs was Barnabas.

Barnabas sold his house and possessions and gave all his money to the disciples. How would that go over at your house? How was your day? Fine. Oh by the way, I sold the house and all of our possessions.

I am not saying that you have to do that this morning, unless the Lord is telling you to do it.

Acts chapter 5 Ananias and Sapphire wanted to do the same thing. There is a problem.

They like the attention of people thinking that they gave all, but they held back some money and lied about it.

No big deal right? Wrong. No where did they have to give all their money. They could have given any amount, including not giving any at all. They lied. They were trying to be something they were not. They were pretenders.

The bible says that great fear seized the church after they heard of this event. I bet they did some soul searching, they were asking God for forgiveness of things that they lied to God about.

Here is the foundation of where this is going this morning

If God’s people are praying, the place where they are meeting will be shaken and people will be drawn to God.

God will move people to get out of their comfort zone. (not all)

The church where God’s anointing is present, people will be running toward it or away from it.

A dead church will have nothing happening. It will be same old same old.

Barnabas would be a kind of person that most would be drawn too.

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