Summary: Message about doing what is good, and living as a disciple of Christ.

Being a Disciple, Part 2 -- (Doing what is good)

Titus 3:1-7


- As we continue our series of being a disciple, this morning we will look at our speech

- It is important as a disciple to continue working; and remembering where we came from

- Titus was a friend of Paul, and a disciple of Christ, and this letter is from Paul to him

- As a disciple, your experiences count towards what makes you – you!

- This morning, let’s examine how we can live better for God, and serve Him eternally

- Read Titus 3:1-7 / Pray

Point 1 – Watch our speech (v1-2)

- Each of us has a position of authority (work, church, family, etc.); we are over someone

- The tongue is a powerful weapon of destruction; even more than any bullet (James 3)

- Paul reminds us here to slander no one; to live lives that even our speech is controlled

- We need to be careful what we say, how we say it, and who we talk too or about

- When we slander others, we grieve the Spirit of the Lord; and stifle its ability to work

- Humility is shown through our servanthood; through how we deal with one another

- Because Jesus was humble; we need to be humble as well – even our words controlled

Point 2 – Remember where we came from (v3-5)

- All of us, regardless of where we are now, were once living by our own desires

- This was the purpose of Jesus having to die for us; as well as give us a new life to lead

- We were disobedient, bonded to sin, and needed redemption in order to live!

- Because of this common testimony, we are able to minister to others who have issues

- No one has it all figured out; but because of what Jesus has done; we are to follow Him

- Christ’s mercy gives us life; and that mercy is so desperately needed in this world

Point 3 – What have we been shown? (v5-7) GRACE!

- Ephes 2:8-9 says it is not our works that saves us; but the mercy of Jesus Christ

- Daniel danced in the fire with a grateful heart for he knew the real truth

- Isaiah foretold: One come onto the Earth who would redeem us through His stripes

- John the Baptist: One would baptize with fire for repentance and salvation

- Today, we need to know that being a disciple is not a title; but a way of life

- We have been justified and need to be active in redeeming others to Him!


- We live lives devoted because we are followers; because we imitate Christ!

- How is your speech? How is your witness? How is your life?

- Today, is your life about redeeming others for Christ? Does it show Him to all?

- If not, perhaps you have some work to do? Do you have to get your priorities right?

- Where is being a disciple in your priorities?

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