Summary: Sermon looking at being a model and mentor, demonstrating the life of Christ to others. Based off a daily devotion from "The Purpose Driven Life".

Being a Disciple, Part 3 (Being a Model and Mentor)

Philippians 3:17


Join with others in following my example, brothers, and take note of those who live according to the pattern we gave you. Philippians 3:17 (NIV)


- For us to mature, we need models and mentors.

- Many people make the mistake of thinking all they need to grow spiritually is God’s Word and prayer. But the truth is: we need people to help us grow (into disciples).

- A character that resembles Jesus is built through relationships – through togetherness

- We can never learn everything on our own, so God uses others to grow us

- As disciples, we need more than explanations, we need examples

- Paul knew this, and this is the meaning behind Philippians 3:17

- Are you showing the principles you have learned? Are you practicing them?

- Living for Christ as a disciple is an everyday thing; it is a life change

App: Because Jesus died for you; how are you living today?

Point 1 - How is it lived?

- Paul traveled to cities to start churches; he was a living bible that others could see

- Sometimes, you may be the only bible people ever read!! (Amplify, believe it/live it)

- Phil 4:9 tells us what Paul would do when he left those cities (encourage to live)


- Who are your models for Christ? Who are you learning and watching from?

- Deeper: Who are you an example for? Who are you teaching to grow in Christ?

- Do you remember “show and tell” time from elementary school? Do you enjoy it?

- As believers, we’re often better at “telling” than “showing”, aren’t we?

- This world is dying for people to show the way, to live the truth and to walk the truth

- Experience makes us grow, and this experience should be shared to others around us!

- Think of our church: Is it a family of people motivated to teach one another?

- Or, is it a social club that we gather to be convenient because it is a habit?

- To be a disciple, you must be willing to grow personally, and then teach others

- Titus 2 (Paul’s letter) discusses the roles and responsibilities of being a disciple

- Sometimes this may scare you – but it is necessary to take that step and move!

- Integrity is doing what is right even when no one is looking; do you have that?

- With integrity comes the desire to teach others and move them forward as well

- To be an effective disciple, you MUST intentionally move people forward for God!

- Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to move?

- Only you and God know, and God cannot be fooled –today, BE a disciple!


Message based on the devotional, Purpose Driven Life

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