Summary: Final message in series about being a disciple; examine the cost of taking up your cross and following Christ.

Being a Disciple, Part 4

Luke 9:23-26


- Read Luke 9:23-26

- We have been discussing being a disciple for the past few weeks, and today we bring the entire series to a close and wrap up the whole concept at once.

- As believers, we have a price to pay that calls us first to salvation.

- Once we are saved, we are called to become part of the body of Christ

- Then we are called to be disciples and finally workers of the Spirit

- Verse 23 calculates the cost in one line; Jesus knew what He was talking about

Point 1 - Discipleship is Self-Denial

- Where are you in the denial of self stage? Are you still at the beginning?

-- Someone who is just recently saved ought to be at the beginning

- The measuring stick is your own work for Jesus – the fruit in which you produce

-- What is fruit? Are you a soul winner? Are you bringing people to church?

-- Are you leading people in the way that they should be living by your own life?

- Jesus said that he is the vine and we are the branches; which means that you no longer belong to yourself, but are attached to something greater! Act like it!

- The cost is that you are NO LONGER in control; but many today still are

-- We still live like we are in charge; we still behave like we are in charge

- This is not being a disciple, but merely living a selfish lifestyle; promoting you!

Point 2 - Discipleship is Submission

- Let’s look at the sacrifice of the cross; note the submission that Christ displayed

- Would you be so willing today to submit to whatever the Father asked of you?

- Submission is giving up your desires totally, and adopting someone else’s will

- Jesus asked the Father to provide another way; but he did not stay on that

- He accepted what His Father directed; and today He asks the same of you!

- Read verse 25 (Addresses our own selfish desires to succeed in this world)

- Expound: Have everything you could ever want; but have nothing to show for it:

- For example: Pretend to be a disciple; but die and spend eternity in hell

- Each one of us has a price to pay today; a sin debt that you are going to pay for

- How do you justify the work of the cross with your own life? Does it show?


- Discipleship is about showing the way that you live, so that others may grow

- Are you doing this? Do others hear about Jesus from you or worldly things?

- Because of the sacrifice of the cross, a sacrifice we remember this morning, we must be willing to tell the way, show the way, and go the way (Singers)

- Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to be a disciple for Christ?

- It is not a game; but a matter of YOUR life and death!! So, where are you?

- Closing prayer / Invitation prior to the Lord’s Supper

- Lord’s Supper: 1 Corinthians 11:27-32

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