Summary: What is being Born again?

John 3:6, That which is born of the flesh is flesh. The flesh here is the physical or biological part of humanity. Jesus was born into 1st Adam. 1st Adam was earthly, sinsual, develish. As we are all born into 1st adam we all die in the flesh. And that which is born of the spirit is spirit Jesus was the last, Adam. We as christians were born into 1st adam and we will live in last Adam. Being born again, is not only in the mind. People who are only born again in the mind generally fall at the first sign of trouble. There is no rooting or strength within them selves, they are still in 1st adam. They are what I call Part time Christians. Undependiable, easyly swayed by all forms of doctrine and weak in faith. Being born again is a reversal or regeneration of you soul and spirit. That person within you who makes you, you.Its what makes us who we are. Being born again, is the willful change of who we are not just in mind but in soul and spirit. A complete change of ourself. Doing away with mans ignorance, wisdon, knowledge and understanding. And accepting, spiritual visions, kingdoms,dominons,mysteries and regeneration.Being able to say that I am not the center of the universe but I am who I am by the grace of God. Being able to look at others welfare better than your own.Being born in first Adam was our destiny. We live in this world as, strangers and pilgrams. We fight to come into this world and we fight to stay. Everyone is born into 1st Adam. We wake up each day and try to figure out how to survive it turmoils and troubles.If you look at a picture of Adam and Eve in the garden and then look at a picture of Jesus on the Cross, then you might be able to understand the words of the scripture of the two Adams. We were created for Gods good pleasure, not knowing from birth what our future holds in store, weather we will be rich or poor, strong or weak.People ask me, why do some people that are ungodly prosper and others as christians live in poverty.For this answer we hafe to look back at Pharow. He was a leader that persecuted the Isralites, made slaves of them. At one time, when they served God, they were wealthy and prosperious. But because of disobedience they reverted to Idolitry and unrightiouness.They began to love money and posessions, more than they loved God. This happens alot to christians today, Ive told them and warned them, that posessions are fine so long as you think more of the Creator than the creature. Think more of the one who blesses you than that of the blessing.To be born again is the act of faith toward God to supply you with your daily needs. When you become completely submissive to God then He promissed to give you your Hearts desire.If the ungodly know how to give good gifts unto their children, how much more can God give to those who believe.Ive been prosperious and Ive been poor, but in all cases the Bible tells us, what ever state that you in, there with be content. The problem today in these periouless times, is that people are not content with what God gives them. Once we become content and show God that we can handel what he gives then He will give a little more. Its like giveing a child a quarter and after you can trust him to spend it wisely, then you increse it every time he proves that he will not misuse the blessing. The scripture says that the powers that be are ordained by God, unrightious people also are some of the most prosperious people in the world but there is comming a payday for them. The scripture says that it is easier for a cammel to pass throu the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heavan.Are you truly born again, can God really trust you with a blessing or are you wateing on a blessing so you can trust God? Jesus told us to lay our treasures up in Heavan so that no one could break in and steal from you. Are you in a position to protect the blessings from God, or would you worry and lose sleep over weather some one will take what you have. God wants our total submission to Him, His total support and trust. Some times the best blessing from God is our remaining in the state that were in. Today many people are looseing their lives over posesions and money. The love of money is the root of all evil. Once we are aware of God reasoning behind our situation then we become at peace with God.When I was a sinner and prosperious, I found out that there was a burden that came upon me with the wealth. Sleepless nights, bad health, worry, and enemies, always looking for a way to take what I had away. Then one day God showed me, be born again and I will show you a better way. I went to an alter of prayer and God forgave me, He saved me from who I was and had become. I was a new creature in Christ.I also prayed for prosperity, for I thought that was what a christian was all about. In 1999, I was prepareing to preach that night and fell over with a massave heart attack, the doctors pronounced me dead, per instruction from the Holy Ghost, My wife laid hands upon me and I arrose, I was in great pain, but allive.So you say what does this hafe to do with being born again or prosperity? Everything. I spent five mounts in physical theoropy. I had money, a pretty home, car,my job, everything that I thought that I ever needed and on the seventh mounth, it was all gone. The money the car my home, furniture everything. The only thing my wife and I had left was our faith. God had chosen this time to show me that being born again was haveing total trust in Him and not haveing dependance on man or posessions.Today Im the richest poor man in my family. Peace with the world and peace with God. I have more now than I had before, because of faith and being content with what I did have, Faith in God.Being born again is the key to prosperity and peace. Let Jesus take controll, let go, give to those that are less fortunate and see if God will open up a window to heavan and will pour out a blessing that you cannot contain. If I can do it you can.

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