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Belief that Behaves

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Pastor Danny Williams

James 1:19-25

Tonight we are going to look at the third test James puts to the believer.

The first was his response to trials (1:2-12)

The second was his response to temptation (1:13-18)

The third is his response to the truth reveled in the word of God. (1:19-25)

Look at somebody and tell them (third time is a charm)

When a true disciple looks at the word of God, there is an affection for truth and a desire in his heart to obey it.

And that must be the first place you start.

One of the most reliable measuring devises of genuine salvation is that Hunger for God’s word.

Just as a new born baby doesn’t need to be taught to hunger for its mothers milk,

The newborn child of God doesn’t have to be taught to hunger for God’s word.

It is always a struggle however to keep the Saints hungry for the word.

Because, if you don’t they will starve themselves to death in denial that they have enough.

Now we are up to Vs. 19…. Where James begins to deal with our willingness to receive the word with submission.

This you know, My beloved brethern

Refers back to the truths expressed in the previous text,

But by addressing his reader’s as My beloved brethern indicates his deep concern and compassion for them.

You say, Pastor why is that important to know?

Because, I don’t believe God has anointed us to minister, If we have no compassion for the people we minister to…….

Because, if you don’t have any compassion, you don’t have any ministry.

And the only way you can have compassion is to get a revelation, of what it feels like to be the other person.

SEE: when you get a revelation of what it feels like to be the other person, you feel differently.

So, all of the sudden you have compassion about something that other people are impatient with.

And people tell you what you ought to do, but God has given you a grace to minister to them on another level.

Because God has empowered you for that purpose…..

And don’t let people make you frustrated with thing your not frustrated with.

Because they are your beloved brethren.

Now the second half of the verse James gives us three important commands.

Vs. 19 let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

Notice he said every man, that includes the wo-man also…..

All of us.

Be quick to hear…

Proverbs 17:28 Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: [and] he that shutteth his lips [is esteemed] a man of understanding.


How many of you know that you learn by listening, not speaking?

But Hear what?

What God is saying about your life, your trials and your temptation.

When your in trouble search for encouragement,

When in confusion search for wisdom,

when tempted search out God’s standard’s of purity and righteousness for power to resist.

I want to tell you that the Word of God is your only source for deliverance from temptation and trials.

Not, Opra, or Sally Jessie and surely not Jerry Springer….

James is saying the Word of God is the first place you go to hear why your in a trial or temptation. Not the Last.

Maybe if you went to God first you wouldn’t have to get on the telephone and ask everyone else…..

Secondly the believer who willfully receives the word of God with submission must.

2. be Slow to speak,,,,,,

You cannot listen closely while you are talking, or even when you are thinking about talking.

After all you have two ears and one mouth,,,,, that what was done on purpose…

For us to use our ears twice as much as we use our mouth…….

Be slow to speak… what does he mean? He means when you go to God and hear,,,,, don’t argue over what you find out…..

Because, when a person is under stress they often want to talk…

But we cannot really hear God’s words when our minds are own our own thoughts.

When you go to God or the man or woman of God, about what you are facing it is time to pick up what the Holy Spirit wants to say.

The primary Idea is that, whenever the time does come to speak, what you will say should be carefully thought out.

And that is very important especially when you are speaking for the Lord.

And I want to Give you a quick way to know if it is God,

If your word tear’s up more that it build’s up it is not God.

That’s why, you can’t let just any body teach you the word of God.

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