Summary: Jesus, the 40 days after His resurrection said to his disciples and to us today that if we believe in Him, receive from Him what He offers us, we will become all that He desires us to be.

Believe, Receive, Become

John 1:10-13


One week ago we celebrated Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We rejoice that because Jesus arose from the grave that we can have resurrection over death too.

We have that because we have by choice accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior.

It is offered to everyone, but everyone will not accept it.

What can we learn from Scripture that happened the week after the resurrection of Christ and how did it affect the disciples and believers to follow?

What did they do that is an indication of what we should do?

We know that Jesus stayed here 40 days after the resurrection before His great ascension and His promise of a return. He spoke with many believers and instructed the disciples what they should do and what they can expect in the coming days.

What happen in those 40 days changed the lives of believers. They went from a scared bunch of confused men to a group of disciples that changed the world.

Peter before the resurrection denied Jesus 3 times. After the resurrection, Jesus provides a miracle catch of fish and sits Peter down for a heart to heart. Jesus says to Peter- Do you love me? In fact he asks him the same question 3 times in 3 different ways! Peter response is the same 3 times. Do you love me? You know I do! Jesus said then feed and take care of my sheep!

We as believers have a responsibility. We have a responsibility to teach, instruct, and guide the people that the Lord brings to us.

We have a responsibility to be plugged into the kingdom of God and to God’s church.

He says to follow me! That is an action word. With those instruction comes the surrendering of doing what you want and what is comfortable to you and doing what God has called us to do.

Jesus says-While you are following me, you should be inviting others to follow! That is not just a call to the preachers and full time ministers. It is a call to all who claim the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and savior.

Go and preach the gospel!

Go and be my witnesses!

Go in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Go and make a difference!

John 1:10-13 Read

“Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”

With that right, comes a responsibility for each one of us.

We are given the privilege of being a child of God


Write these 3 words down. I am going to talk about each one in just a minute

The last thing that Jesus did before he ascended into heaven was equip his followers to live a victorious life.

He also equipped them to be a witness to those that they came into contact with and to have the power of God to do more than we can do in ourselves.

The same power that raised Jesus from the grave is the same power that dwells inside the believer.

There should be some amazing things happening at Rosedale church and in the life of believers!

In my name (Jesus)

You will drive out demons

You will see the sick healed.

You will break addictions, habits, and be made whole again.

You will do things that are impossible in your own strength but possible with God.

In who’s name? Jesus Name!

By who’s power? The power of God!

In our text, John records that we have to believe in His name.

In believing in His name;

We are in truth believing that He will do what He said He would do.

We have to believe that He has the power to resurrect us like He was resurrected by God the Father.

We have to obey and follow like He commands us.

1. Believe

The word “believe” in the Bible means more than simply agreeing in our minds that something might be true. It means “trust”—that we believe so strongly in God that we are willing to commit our lives to Him and live the way we know He wants us to live. Believing in Jesus is an action word. You cannot just say it, you have to act on your beliefs.


Suppose you were walking along a path and you came to a bridge which crossed a deep canyon. You might look at it and believe that it would hold you, and you might even see other people walking across it so you know it would hold your weight. But so far, your “belief” in the bridge is only in your head. When do you really believe the bridge will hold you? You only really believe it when you are willing to commit your life to it and actually walk across it.

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