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Summary: In the story of the healing of the Nobleman’s son, we see the growth of faith, and the enablement of Jesus to meet our needs.

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“Believing Without Seeing”

John 4:46-53

INTRODUCTION: We continue in our series on great events in the life and ministry of Jesus. TONIGHT, we will take a look at the healing of the Nobleman’s son.

We take a lot of things by FAITH. Every time we sit in a chair, we have FAITH that it will hold us up. Sometimes our faith is misplaced, when the lawn chair breaks or folds … as has been known to happen from time to time!

By faith, I believe in the Grand Canyon … though I have never seen it. I can tell you about the Pyramids of Egypt … even show you pictures. I have seen them. If you haven’t seen them, your faith that they exist comes from your faith in ME … that I am telling you the truth. Like my telling you about the 48” tarpon I caught. You will believe it, if you have FAITH in me that I didn’t lie about it (that’s why I brought back pictures!).

Let’s take a look tonight at the FAITH of a Nobleman.

4:46 – Jesus had been in Cana earlier, where He performed the miracle of turning water into wine at the marriage feast. THEN … He went to Jerusalem, where he drove the money-changers & merchants out of the Temple. While in Jerusalem, He had an encounter with Nicodemus. On His way back to Cana, He passed through Samaria, where He had an encounter with the Woman at the Well. (Our last 4 sermons).

NOW … Jesus is back in Cana and He is apparently speaking to a crowd of people – 4:45.

A Nobleman interrupts Jesus while He is speaking to the crowd. Who is this NOBLEMAN? He was a high ranking official, a royal officer who served under King Herod. He may have even been related to King Herod. He was a rich & powerful Jew, and a man of great means & influence.

He also had a problem … his son was sick and dying. He had probably gone to the best physicians for help … but there was nothing they could do for him. He had exhausted all resources. There was nothing he could do, but sit by the bedside of his son, and watch him die. Up to this time, he probably hadn’t known what it was like to be in need.

4:47 – “heard” – This Nobleman had “heard” about Jesus. The Nobleman lived in “Capernaum” … about 20 miles away. Jesus had stayed there after He performed the miracle at Cana – 2:12. Maybe it was here that he had heard about what Jesus had just done in Cana.

This Nobleman interrupts Jesus as He’s teaching, and begs Him to come with him to Capernaum and heal his son. Think what the crowd must have thought! A Nobleman … begging! Jesus is a Jewish Rabbi … a carpenter. This rich, influential, powerful man was on his knees, and begging Jesus to stop in the middle of his sermon, and go with him to Capernaum.

There are several things I want to note here:

1.- Trouble Led Him To Jesus. He had tried everything else. Nothing had worked. NOW … he was going to try Jesus … as his last resort.

LESSON: Sometimes, our troubles and trials are there to bring us to Jesus. If it hadn’t been for the terminal sickness of his son, he never would have come to Jesus. Sometimes, it takes something drastic in our lives before we will see the need to come to Jesus … AMEN? He’s desperate … he has no where else to turn.

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Jeffery Ginn

commented on Feb 16, 2017

Some great insights! Thank you for sharing.

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