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Summary: I am probably throwing a cat in among the Pidgeons. I am keen to share a few benedictions that I write for every sermon. No spot on the site to do it so I’ll put it here and see what happens. Here’s twenty.


I am probably throwing a cat in among the Pidgeons. I am keen to share a few benedictions that I write for every sermon. No spot on the site to do it so I’ll put it here and see what happens. Here’s twenty.

Christmas 2009

May the grace of God,

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Be with you.

May you look to his coming in power as a baby,

May you rejoice in his power to transform,

And may you be transformed by the renewing of your minds into his likeness.


Gods Kingdom

May you go from here enthusiastic!

Knowing who you are in Jesus Christ!

Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven,

Being faithful ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Living in the power of the Holy Spirit,

Bringing others into the Eternal Kingdom,

Bearing fruit and growing in knowledge,

To the Glory of God!


Great Commission, Sermon by Major D LePine. 01/07/2010, My Benediction

May you be completely available to God,

Allowing him to fulfil his purpose through you,

Living the life that is fully abundant, a life with no comparison,

Living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and your story,

For he has all authority and he is with you always,

Even to the end of the age!


Sermon 1st Camel or Open the door as wide as a needles eye, 15/08/2010

Leaving this place into the new week, No matter who we are,

No matter what we have done,

We can enter into and be citizens of God’s Kingdom,

Jesus stands at the door and knocks!

Allow him to enter and find fellowship with God!


From a sermon on Nehemiah, dealing with the rubble and the ash (1st person narrative). Nehemiah 1:1 to 2:20

The God of Nehemiah is our God,

The God who answers prayers,

He restores and builds up,

He turns waste land into pasture,

Broken lives to rejoicing,

Stand before him and then share his wonder his awesomeness!


From Sermon; Liberty: Romans 8:18-22

We have been liberated,

We have been saved,

The Spirit of God hovered over the waters,

The Spirit of God abides in our hearts,

Live in his Power - you are set free!

Free to worship the Father, Son and Spirit.

Live in his power, Amen.

From Sermon; Dad: Romans 8:14-17

We serve a Risen Saviour,

We serve a Heavenly Father,

We serve the Spirit of Christ,

He lives within our hearts,

Therefore be strong in heart, be assured of your salvation,

Live in the Fathers Kingdom, right now and always.


It happened that day! : John 20:10-18, Easter 2010

He is Risen,

He is Risen Indeed (this should be the reply)

He is Risen

He is Risen Indeed

walk in the presence of the Risen Lord,

Embrace his life as your own,

Rejoice in him as he rejoices in you!


ANZAC Day 2010, Salvation is ours: Romans 5:1-11

Salvation is ours,

We stand in the Grace of God,

His Spirit leads and comforts us,

May you go from here sharing your faith,

Living it, sharing it


After the 7.1 on the Richter scale Christchurch earthquake 4th September 2010,: A benediction that I had used previously, but it fitted the circumstances. Proverbs 18:21

As you go into the world,

Look to the Lord,

As you view the world,

Walk for the Lord,

In your walk listen for his still small voice!

As you focus your mind on him he will bless you and keep you!


The Ascension 1: Mark 16:19-20

Through our obedience to and also our love for Jesus,

we are conformed to his likeness!

May you be fruitful producing the fruits of the Holy Spirit,

as you love and obey him!


The Ascension 2: Mark 16:19-20

The Lord Jesus reigns in Heaven,

At the right hand of the Father,

His throne is built on Grace and Mercy,

Approach him – receive his kindness and favour,

And extend his compassion to all men,

And may you find yourself blessed as he works with you.


This one was used as part of the service 17/10/2010 lead by the men’s group at Sydenham Corps in which Eric Turner preached on the power of the Holy Spirit and used a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster with straight pipes as an illustration of power “Oh Oh Oh “. The sermon big idea was ‘to embrace all that God offered and to accept the free gift of the Holy Spirit.’ I altered Eric’s benediction and used some of his. His words are in italics. (Well I tried Italics but they didn’t fly on Sermon Central so I’ll hand teh whole thing over all credit to Eric)

May you go from here alive in Christ,

Being transformed by God, The Holy Spirit,

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Karen Chambers

commented on Jan 12, 2017

Hi Andrew, I doubt that William worried about throwing cats among pigions. May God continue to bless you ministry, as you live within covernant with Him. Thank you for sharing I'm an envoy in a small marginalised isolated town. So being able to read and use material from all over the world is God's blessing ot me.

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