Summary: Zacharias praises God for the birth of John.

Luke 1:64-80 The Songs of Christmas:


ATTENTION: I sing to our children regularly. It

intrigues me that certain songs

have a greater calming effect on

them than others. For example,

“You Are My Sunshine” helps to

quiet their crying and restore calm

unlike any other song. I guess

some songs are just that way.

NEED: When we look into the eyes of a new baby,

we see our hope and our future.

TEXTUAL IDEA: Zacharias rejoiced in God’s

work to bring salvation into the


SERMON IDEA: We can rejoice with Zacharias

because of God’s work to bring

salvation into the world.

TRANSITION: This passage shows us three

portraits of God’s work in bringing

salvation into the world.

DIVISION ONE: God has purchased those who are

bankrupt (vv.68-70)

- “He paid a debt he did not owe...”

- visited “look out;” redeemed “bailed out”

- horn of salvation “hold your head up”

- We had no way of paying the debt

- Boaz and Ruth


DIVISION TWO: God has liberated those who are

held captive (vv.71-75)

- enemy defeated

- unable to take us again

- enemies seen as Rome in context, but may

also be seen as satan

- ropes cut away; shackles loosed

- “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!”

DIVISION THREE: God has brought light to those

who are in darkness (vv.76-79)

- John 1 “The Light shines in darkness”

- dayspring: the morning sunrise

- not just a glow in the sky, but the pure

sunlight piercing the darkness

- Rev. 22:16 “the bright and morning star”

- Is. 9:2 “The people who walked...”

CONCLUSION: Zacharias means “God has

remembered.” He remembers you

too. How will you praise him for your


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