3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: It is Providential that the Old Testament history of Bethlehem foreshadows the birth, person, and work of the Messiah.

Bethlehem 2011


1. According to a British Paper (Romsey Advertiser): “Christmas shoppers looking for a bargain should be wary of counterfeit goods which flood the market in the run-up to the festive season, the UK Border Agency has warned.

“Fake Ugg Boots, GHD hair straighteners, iPhones and iPads are among the tens of thousands of counterfeit items that have been seized by officers as they have been brought into the country in recent months.”

2. While some people may unwittingly buy counterfeit gifts, many more people celebrate a counterfeit Christmas, celebrating Jesus’ birthday with little thought of Jesus.

3. To better appreciate the real meaning of Christmas, I would like to start by looking at the town of Bethlehem.

4. Geographically, Bethlehem is 5 miles south of Jerusalem on the road to Hebron and Egypt. Average temperatures in summer: 73 degrees, winter 57. It is noted for fertile fields, fig and olive orchards, and vineyards. Now controlled by the Palestinian Authority. It was a small town. It now has a population of about 28,000. The first century population was somewhere between 300 and 1,000.

5. When we read of Jesus being born in Bethelehm, there is much background assumed by such a statement, more than meets the eye.

MAIN IDEA: It is Providential that the Old Testament history of Bethlehem foreshadows the birth, person, and work of the Messiah.

I. Bethlehem and TRAGEDY (Genesis 35:16-19)

A. RACHAEL’S tragedy

B. The the slaying of the INNOCENTS (Matt. 2:13-18)

C. Bethlehem imagery: Messiah REJECTED and killed

• Sometimes innocent people suffer harm because of God’s work; had the wise men never visited Jesus, the little boys may not have died, but the stranglehold Satan has on this world would never be broken had Jesus not come….but it wasn’t the Magi’s fault, it was Herod’s; doing good sometimes results in harm because of evildoers who squelch good…

• Good King Wenceslas (tell story of)

• That’s why we need to be careful trying to understand specific tragedies; God’s plan results in a greater good, but the instances are often hard

Jesus visited the earth the first time as the Lamb of God Who was born to die. He will return the second time as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to reign.

II. Bethlehem and REDEMPTION (Ruth 4:10-11)

A. To redeem means to BUY BACK

One of Jesus’ titles is redeemer:

Bill Keane’s comic strip, Family Circus, has communicated a beautiful truth about Christmas. As the children were setting up their nativity set, little Dolly held up the baby Jesus and declared, “Here’s the star of Bethlehem!” SOURCE: Houston Chronicle, Family Circus, Dec. 23 1988

B. The story of RUTH and Boaz took place in Bethlehem

C. Ruth and Boaz were the ANCESTORS of David and Jesus

• God works generations ahead of time….

• Maybe your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God will be rearing children who make a difference….

• God’s people need to learn to think in terms of generations, not just getting through life…

III. Bethelehm and ROYALTY (I Samuel 16:1, 15)

A. King DAVID hailed from Bethlehem

B. King David was ANNOINTED KING in Bethlehem

C. King David was the great (39 times) GRANDFATHER of Jesus,

• Messiah, a descendent of DAVID and King of Kings.

• Nazareth, Netzer, Branch…many descendents of David

• [go to this link for more on this, http://www.midrashkey.com/new-testament-midrashim-papers/he-shall-be-called-a-nazarene/]

IV. Bethlehem And An INN (2 Samuel 19:32-40, Jeremiah 41:17)

A. This land had been given to Chimham by DAVID (2 Samuels 19:32-40)

B. It was a place to accommodate a number of TRAVELERS (Jeremiah 41:17)

Holman Bible Dictionary, “ee’ rewth) Part of a place name meaning, “hospitality” (Jeremiah 41:17) translated differently—KJV: “habitation of Chimham”; NAS, NRSV: “Geruth Chimham”; REB: “Kimham’s holding.” Fugitives stopped there near Bethlehem on their way to Egypt fleeing from Ishmael, who had killed Gedaliah, whom Babylon had appointed governor of Judah after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. It apparently designated an inn or lodging place near Bethlehem. It may have represented the first stop across the border from Judah into Egyptian-controlled territory.”

C. Perhaps a cave was used as a STABLE even back then

 The Inn-keepers announcement of “no room” is inidicative of the human race, most of who have no room and Christians who seem to have no time for Jesus…

V. Bethlehem and DUAL Natured Messiah (Micah 5:2)

A. The Messiah would come FROM Bethlehem

B. Prophecy CLEAR; the Pharisees directed the Magi on its basis

C. Yet his existence is from ETERNITY past

Isaiah 9:6 reads:

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

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