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Summary: In today’s Church there are so many bad seeds. Too many seeds are fake. The Lord tells us to beware of the fake seeds which the devil plants.

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In verse 37 of chapter 13 Jesus is speaking of the parable of the true and fake seeds. He tells us in verse 38 who plants which seed. In today’s Church, there are so many fake seeds, and we must be on the watch continually for the fake seeds. The Bible teaches us that we will know a believer by the fruits that they bare. It is my personal belief that we will also know a fake by the fruits he or she bares. There are too many "Christians" out in the world who have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof. The fakes are the ones who will go to Church, speak in tongues, and then when they get outside the Church building, they start cursing about anything and everything. You can tell a true seed by this one detail. When all hell starts breaking loose in his or her home, and he or she declares that no matter what he or she is going to serve God anyhow. It is easy to be touched by a pretty song. Lost people are even touched by pretty songs. However it is a totally different thing to dance in the Holy Ghost when all hell is breaking loose on your life. The fakes are the ones who will put you down, the true seeds are the ones who will lift you up.

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