Summary: Psalm 59

God Overrules Contradictions. Look at the contradictions in the Psalm

1) Enemies ‘watch’ him (title); God ‘looks’ at him (4b)

2) Enemies ‘wait’ for him (3a); David ‘waits’ for him (9)

3) Enemies are ‘strong’ (3b); God is David’s Strength (17)

4) Enemies run ‘to attack him’ (4a); God goes before him (10)

5) Enemy snarl like dogs (6); God is his fortress (9b; 9c)

The Psalm has four parts

1) A Prayer (1-5). Being watched will make us lose our peace. Cry for deliverance (1-2); Picture of helplessness (3-4); Cry for Judgement (4,5)

2) A wait (6-9) – Waiting makes us restless

3) An Assurance (10-13) – Assurance amidst problems is not common.

4) A Worship (14-17) – Like always, starts in cry, ends in worship. Song amidst the dogs

Beware of Dogs; God's strength prevails over them

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