Summary: Paul is writing here about a "last day" condition.


A) Paul here was writing about a “last day” condition … “The Spirit speaketh expressly …”

* The Greek word for “expressly” is “rhetos” and means: “In specific terms, in plain words, or

distinctly, so that there can be no question about what is being said.” * In other words …

* The Spirit (Holy Ghost) spoke specifically in direct terms of the last days danger.

B) Bible scholars agree that we are now living in the last days, near the time of Christ’s coming!

* This is the period in which seducing spirits will reign … The phrase “latter times” means: “A

little later on, not far out in the future.”

* That is, false teachers were to arise within the church almost immediately and continue on

through our day and on to the end of time.

* The point is well made … The church and the genuine believer have to be constantly on guard

against false teaching. * Four things tonight and I’m through …….


A) “Seduce” means: “To lead away, specially from the path of right by flattering promises …”

* “To lead astray into an evil, or foolish, or disastrous course.”

* This world is contaminated with such evil influences. (Look today at the occult followers …)

B) First: Seducing spirits are the powers of the very devil! * There is a personal devil!

* In his kingdom there are many demons known as wicked or seducing spirits.

* These spirits are everywhere … Their forces and influences are increased in the latter days.

* They work in cooperation with the devil … They are so closely associated with him that

sometimes they are referred to as demons or devils.

C) Second: They are antichrist spirits! * Turn to 1 John 4:1-3 …….

* We are advised to “try the spirits whether they are of God.” * “Try” means: “To test, examine.”

* The deceptive, seducing spirits are so cunning that they often deceive good people.

D) The day John was writing, these dangerous influences had already invaded the church!

* The children of God had overcome them because God within was greater than the wicked

powers of the world.

* Our best protection against seducing powers is God within us! (1 John 4:4)

E) Third: The seducing spirits are unseen wicked influences! * The spirits are invisible.

* They are, however, very powerful … They are unseen influences that work in the flesh and in

the minds of Christians … And they are controlled by the devil himself.

* They are, in reality, the spirits through which the devil works to discourage and turn aside all of

God’s people from doing right!

(2) THE SEDUCING SPIRITS ARE INCREASING! * Paul refers to them as a last day influence!

A) They did their work in the early church, but Paul foresaw the day when their powers would

be increased and their work more deadly and destructive!

* Look at all the killings today … The text specially refers to the falling away in the last days as a

result of the increased powers of evil.

B) First: When you read your Bible you can see that they worked in the early church!

* Judas was persuaded by the seductive influence of the devil to betray the Lord.

* Ananias and Sapphire were deceived by the same power and lied to the Holy Ghost.

* Hymenaeus and Philetus were influenced by seducing spirits and erred saying that the

resurrection was passed already.

* Many other heresies and doctrines of devils invaded the church soon after Pentecost and these

seductive powers made great inroads into the church. (Church splits)

C) Second: Seducing spirits are a last day threat to Christianity! * 2 Tim. 3:1 “This know …”

* “Perilous” means “dangerous” … There is danger of being deceived by wicked influences!

* The longer the world stands, the more contaminated it becomes.

* It’s harder to live right now than it was years ago because the devil has more methods and means

by which to deceive people with.


A) The devil does not force men against their will … He deceives them!

* Men are often so deceived in doing evil that they believe they are doing right. (Cults)

B) The devil deceived Eve! * Notice the words of the Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 11:3 …….

* “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds

should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”

* Paul expressed fear for the Corinthians, lest they be deceived.

* There was danger in Paul’s time and there is much more danger today.

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