Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: I can fully believe, but unless I act on my belief, I am of no benefit to my community. This is 1 of 9 in a series.

In a country founded upon god’s truth; it seems strange to say that America today is in a post-church era. The country is not only changing but has changed. Americans look everywhere but to the church for spiritual and moral guidance. But I believe that the sun of the Gospel is far from setting – rather it’s poised to shine on this new era – provided we seize the unprecedented opportunities. The possibilities are limitless for those who choose to live as Jesus lived, beyond belief. What does it mean to live Beyond Belief? To be Beyond Belief – we must recognize that actions are the tip of the iceberg, so I must go to the root of who I am to start and build or in some cases rebuild my life, my view, my values. Solid Biblical Beliefs develop Godly values, Godly values develop Righteous actions, Righteous actions, develop impacting people. People who like Dan 11:32, “Strong and do exploits.” God is looking for people who will display His strength and take action – Beyond belief. I can fully believe – but unless I act on my belief – it is of no benefit to the community that God has placed me in the midst of. In today’s society Christians and non-Christians at times do not have a difference indicator. One could not tell by hearing, looking or being with them who is the Christian and who is not. The reason being – we are Christians need to know who, what and why we believe what we believe in, who we believe in and why we believe.

Our attitudes/actions spring from our value system and our value system is based upon what we believe. Unless our actions are built on a solid foundation of Biblical beliefs, we can expect our lives to reflect the pain of the consequences of wrong choices. People who don’t have a solid Biblical belief system are …

225% more likely to be angry with life

210% more likely to lack purpose of life

200% more likely to physically hurt someone

300% more likely to use illegal drugs

600% more likely to attempt suicide

There is a desperate need in our society for people to come to a face to face encounter with Jesus Christ, that changes lives. There is a need for Christ the Savior to be real, to be relevant, to be powerful, to be transforming of dead sin-filled existence into a living purposeful relationship with God. There is a need to move beyond just believing, but to then point for conviction to rise and move. Matthew 16:24:25, “If any of you wants to be my followers, you must put aside your selfish ambitions, shoulder your cross and follow the … if you give up your life for Me, you will find true life.” Question comes, “Do I believe that? Or is that a conviction like for within me? Conviction is equal to knowing. I know, I am a aware of without question. I recognize the reality of.

Dan 11:32 – “… They who know their God…”

Heb 4:6 – “… God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…”

Not knowing God … brings destruction

Not knowing God’s presence … brings lack not knowing God’s truth … brings satan’s lies.

As you can see it’s important to know – in knowing – there is conviction. If I’m convinced of why I believe. Then I’ll be committed to what I believe which then I’ll be changed by who I believe.

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