Summary: The goal of fasting is to learn God’s will in our lives.


Isaiah 58:6-12

Introduction: The focus of the passage we will read this morning is fasting, but as we read it I want you to look beyond the idea of fasting and see what the real goal of fasting is. It is a mechanism by which we can discern God’s will. God’s will is for us to enter into his service. Coca-Cola has fulfilled their own version of the Great Commission many times over. They have put a bottle of Coke in virtually everyone’s hand. If they can do it with a soft drink, we can certainly do it with the Gospel.

I. Internal

A. Worship

1. Core of any church

2. Reason God created us

3. “Filling sponge”

B. Fellowship

1. Vow to serve one another – ILLUS 507 – WWII POWs and solitary confinement. Without fellowship we are easy prey for temptation and sin.

2. Basis for outreach

C. Discipleship

1. Disciple one another while being a disciple of God.

2. Chasing after God

3. Sincere seeking of God’s will – Once you find God’s will, you are ready for ministry.

II. External

A. Ultimate goal is to win others to Christ

B. They must see Christ in us

1. Many aren’t Christian because they’ve met one.

2. 58:11 – You are the spring of water for them until they come to Christ

3. HUGE responsibility

III. Rewards

A. Personal fulfillment – ILLUS p. 562 – “If God has called you to be a missionary, don’t stoop to be a king.” Charles Spurgeon

B. Corporate

1. Church growth

2. Christianity growth

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