Summary: This is the second in a series of dialog based sermons based on A W Tozers book "The Knowledge of The Holy". It is in outline form and is intended for a contemporary dialog series or even a small group setting. This message deals with the question "What

What Is God Like?

Romans 1:18-25

Pt 2 - Beyond Understanding Yet Within Reach

What is God like? That’s the question that we are asking as we look into the concepts presented in A W Tozers book “The Knowledge of the Holy”.

How would you respond to this statement?

“Left to ourselves we tend immediately to reduce God to manageable terms. We want to get Him where we can use Him, or at least know where He is when we need Him. We want a God we can in some measure control.” Tozer Pg 13

What are some of the descriptions of God given to us in the scriptures. Psalm 91:1-4, Ezek 1:26-28; Heb 1:3; Rev 4:2-6.

The scriptures use a lot of words that mean God is “Like” something or use metaphors like shepherds and birds to describe God - why is that?

Our Image of God - Looking at Romans Chapter 1 what do you think this corrupted society thought God looked like?

• What can we know about God?

• What can we not fully understand about God?

The Danger of Mental Images - What is the problem of fixing a mental image of God in our minds?

The wonderful truth - While God is infinitely beyond our understanding or comprehension He is also as close as a whisper. While there are aspects of God’s character and nature that we can fully see and understand - He is bigger than all our thought. Even then He pulls us closer and closer to reveal His heart and will to us.

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