Summary: We can learn a great deal from the good and the bad choices made by mothers. The Bible records some powerful examples for us. This is a fine Mother's Day message

Bible Mothers: Learning From Them

Pastor Eric J. Hanson

Sarah: (Genesis 11-25) Wife of Abraham & mother of Isaac. God changed her name to Sarah (princess, mistress, female noble) from Sarai (diminutive form of captain). She was obedient to Abraham, through good and bad decisions by him. She doubted God at times, and pressed ahead with her own scheme to have a son through her servant girl, even though God had said that she herself would have a son. This did not go well, and family stress and sorrow came of it.

Lesson: Waiting for God may be the hardest thing we ever have to do. In the natural, it was too late for Sarah to have a baby, but God had solemnly promised that this would happen. Sarah overheard the angel of the Lord saying this. Is there something God has specifically told you will happen by Him doing it? Is it something that you have waited to see for a long time now? Genesis 21:1, Hebrews 11:11

Rebekah: (Genesis 24-27) Wife of Isaac & mother of Jacob & Esau: Rebekah & Isaac did not have the same plan. He favored Esau and she favored Jacob to gain the blessing of the first born. Each had their favorite according to the type of person each of their sons was. God had promised that Jacob would be the one who received the greater blessing, but Rebekah did not talk things over with Isaac in an open and honest manner, concerning this important matter. Instead, she provoked Jacob to deceive Isaac, and her scheme brought about a horrible family split, and caused Jacob to flee from the family in fear for his life.

Lesson: No good comes from trickery and deception. Genesis 25:24, 27:14-17

Jochebed: (Exodus 2:1-10) Mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam: Jochebed exhibited a tremendous faith in God when she placed Moses in the little boat basket that she made for him, and let him go. She was very wise in having Miriam watch what would happen. Apparently Miriam had been well trained by her mother, because she appeared at just the right moment to let the daughter of Pharaoh know of a Hebrew woman who could nurse and care for the baby.

Lesson: This woman of faith in God did all that she could to see to it that her children lived and walked before the Lord. Her faithfulness and courage is an inspiration for us all.

Hannah: (I Samuel 1:1-2:21): Here is another woman who was barren, and who prayed for God to bless her with a child. She also promised God that any son that He gave her in answer to this prayer, would serve God always. God answered her prayers, and she followed through on her promise to God. Samuel became one of the finest servants of God in the history of Israel, serving God without wavering. God later blessed Hannah with more children too.

Hannah’s fervent prayer for a son was made at the Tabernacle, in the presence of God. She was so absorbed in her wrestling with God, that Eli, the weary old priest, assumed that she was drunk. In reality, she was much more in tune with God than Eli was, and God’s answer to her prayers, the boy Samuel, would become a great blessing to Eli in his old age. He also was a great example and influence in Israel for as long as he lived.

Life Lesson: Make sure that the desires of your heart, are in line with God’s character, and with His desire to always minister His presence and his grace to people. Hannah was not self centered, but took a very large view of all things in life as they relate to God. She was greatly blessed, as she integrated all of life with serving God.

Take Away for today: Please study the good and the bad here and let the Holy Spirit reveal your own heart to you. Draw close to the Lord and seek to put Him first as a mother, a grandmother, and as a person who can influence others.

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