Summary: A Message to All

Bible Roads

The Road to Damascus – Acts 9 - Salvation

· Confrontation – vs.3-4

· Conversion – vs.4-6

· Continuation – vs.7-31

The Road to Samaria – John 4 – Witness 4:-19, 25-27, 35-42

· Reception (The Woman’s conversion)

· Rejection (Did the Disciples Care about here?)

· Results (Many Got Saved)

The Road to Gaza – Acts 8 - Baptism

· Steps (were planned by God) 8:26-27

· Strategy 8:27-33

· Success 8 :35-40

The Road to the Wilderness – Matthew 4 - Temptation

How does Temptation Come?

o Tries to get you to live by the flesh (Offered Bread)

o Tries to change God’s word to get you to sin (Ps 91:11-12)

o Tries to offer you the World (High Mountain- Missed Ps 24:1)

The Road to Emmaus – Luke 24 – Talk to the road

· Soldiers of the Lords army

· Stranger

· Sermon from the Stranger

· Supper

The Road to Jericho – Luke 10:25-27 – Help others

· Robbers

o Selfish – Stripped

o Sever – Wounded

o Savage – Half Dead

· Rejected soul (A Preacher and a Levite)

· Redemption for the Rejected one

The Road to Jerusalem – Matthew 21:1-11 – True worship

A Look at this Congregation

o A Present Congregation (They was there)

o A Sacrificial Congregation (Took away from themselves)

o A Humble Congregation (Put there clothes before Jesus)

o A Working Congregation (Cut Branches from trees)

o A Worshipping Congregation (Cried and praised him)

o A Following Congregation (They followed him)

o Only pitfall- where was they at Calvary (Not there)

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