Summary: God provides foundation on which marriage is to be built. It is a standard for having intimacy in marriage relationships.

(My first wedding sermon in Sabutan Christian Church)

God provides foundation on which marriage is to be built. It is a standard for having intimacy in marriage relationships.

1. Leave(iwanan)

The husband is to make a special place for his bride. Leaving is the public and legal act of marriage.

Several truths surrouding the word leave:

a. The exlusiveness of marriage

The wedding bows is the beginning of a new family, they are not the continuation of the old family.

Remember, cultures vary but the Scripture doesn’t

b. The purity of marriage

Since leaving is the basis of marriage, it follows that there is to be no sexual fulfillment before. Pre-marital sex is a contradiction to the principle of marriage.

c. The commitment involved

Pre-requisites in leaving for the sake of marriage.

2. Cleave(makisama)

This word means "glue" or to be glued together

Marriage is a permanent bond (buklod)....(so think before marrige)

Try separating two sheets of papers that are glued together. Its impossible to do this without tearing the sheets. So any tearing of the marriage bond (buklod) is always painful and destructive.

Cleaving is the special, permanent bond that if faulty, weakens your home, your ministry and your work.

Cleaving is bonding. Cleaving is forging (putol) an unbreakable union.

Cleaving also includes acceptance of a person...

3. Weave (lalahin)

This word expresses the "one flesh" goal of marriage. God wants to cleave our individual lives into one fabric (tela).

We share our bodies, our goals, our desires, our disappointments, etc. - it involves communication

"One flesh" speaks of union at every level. Its sharing all that you are and all what you have to your spouse, and growing in unity.

Ex. American wedding symbol of unity

Result: is the ultimate relationship

Everyone is looking for intimacy. "I want really great marriage, I desire us to be closed. I want the best marriage ever. I need intimacy."

God showed Adam how they could find it. Follow the natural progression of Divine logic.

First you must have leave;

...then He will bless your cleaving;

...As you do this, He will teach you how to weave your lives into one;

When the process happened, you will find intimacy with your love one.

God bless!

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