Summary: Money matters are spiritual matters and financial peace can only come from making decision based on biblical principles.



Today we will address a topic which is relevant to everyone. As a matter of fact, money issues are killing people, marriages, churches, and we are heading that direction as a country with our federal government.

God knows that and has a plan. Let’s look today in God’s book of wisdom for how He teaches us to wisely view our money.

PASSAGE: Proverbs 3:5-18

As we read, you will see 4 biblical principles repeated over and over -


I. Money is a spiritual matter, not a financial one.

II. We struggle with money because we struggle with sin.

III. Every financial decision should be approached as a spiritual decision.

IV. Sound financial decisions are based upon Biblical truths


In “all your ways acknowledge Him” There is no asterisk which notes an exception for money matters. To the contrary, He makes it explicitly clear in verses 9-10.

Did you know that money is a spiritual matter. For example, Jesus had more to say about money than He did about Heaven. Jesus often used examples of money, income, and wealth as a spiritual thermometer to gauge one’s spiritual life. For example, the parable of the rich fool; the parable of the talents; His experience with the rich young ruler; His experience in causing the caught fish to provide money for payment of his taxes and instruction to pay your taxes; Jesus’ experience in watching the widow give her “mite.”

I’ve told you before that I can look at your Daytimer/Palm Pilot and your checkbook register/credit card statement and tell you where you are spiritually. Why? Time and money are our two most scarce resources. Therefore how you spend them reveal what is most important to you.

Your family will never have money or experience financial peace until you understand Biblical stewardship. This means you must submit your money and all of your finances to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This creates the spiritual heart condition which will be willing to follow His counsel in scripture and make wise decisions.

See verses 5-12. Right there God describes the life of a Christian – trust on the Lord and His understanding and not your own. Don’t think that you are the one who is wise. Honor Him w/ all your money and He will provide for you. And, when you mess up don’t despise His loving correction and teaching. (verse 11-12)


Why do we have so many struggles with money? Well consider this: What does it take to make a budget? A second grade education. It is simply addition and subtraction. What does it take to balance a check book? A second grade education – addition and subtraction.

There are 2 types of people in the world: 1) those who live on less than they make; and 2) those who live on more than they make. All this takes is a basic set of character skills – some discipline, the ability not to procrastinate, and the choice to be content.

Verse 12 says a pure heart will rejoice in correction because of the recognition that God’s love causes it. 13-14 says a man will be happy and treasure as priceless God’s wisdom. What is the only thing that can prevent that perspective?

Unrepentant sin.

TURN TO I TIMOTHY 6: 6-10 Read this passage. While turning ask again: Why do we struggle? Answer: due to the emotions behind it. They put us in contact with our sin nature and then we struggle. We love money – an emotion leading to sin. We are jealous of those around us – a sin. We buy to salve our wounded hearts – letting emotions control us and override our faith based decisions is sin.

In verse 15 we are told specifically that other things we desire cannot compare in anyway to the joys of living by God’s wisdom and understanding.


In our lives, God never draws a distinction between “spiritual” matters and “other” matters. Thus, no “spiritual” decisions vs. financial decisions. They are one and the same. Verse 6 says plainly, “in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

God’ s word applies and works in every area of life, including your finances. If God’s word is true then it is totally true-if it fails in any area then fails in every area. That clearly means that God’s wisdom is all we need for wisdom in how we manage our money.

It is also an issue of faith. Do you truly believe God’s promises and instructions are His and should and can be followed. This yet another reason why this is such a powerful indicator of our spiritual condition.

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