Summary: This is a captivatng sermon on spiritual lessons that a believer can learn from the various instances mentioned in the bible about a stone













Ephesians 2:20 I Peter 2:4-7

A stone is compared to Christ where Christ is the chief cornerstone. He is referred to as the stone which the builders rejected but which ultimately became the chief cornerstone. God often chooses those whom the world has rejected and refused and ignored and He makes them to become outstanding leaders. David was ignored by his own father when he presented his sons before Samuel. But God chose this David to become the king of Israel. We should not be discouraged when we are rejected and despised by others. Jesus Himself was a stone which the builders rejected but he became the chief cornerstone.


Joshua 4:5-7

A stone is used for a memorial to remember important incidents. Joshua asked the twelve tribes of Israel to gather a stone for each tribe and place it as a memorial to remember how God performed a miracle to enable them to cross the river Jordan. He wanted this memorial to be a lesson about the goodness and the greatness of God which should be taught to the children and the future generations .We should keep such memorials in our lives which would constantly remind us about the great things and special miracles which the Lord has done in our lives.


I Samuel 17:49

A stone is used as weapon to destroy the enemy. David used a smooth stone to destroy the giant Goliath who was taunting the army of God. He told Goliath ’ you may come with a sword and spear and shield but I come in the name of the Lord God of Israel’. This ordinary stone lying by the banks of a river had never accomplished anything great so far nor did it imagine that it would be used for such a great purpose. But this simple stone when it was used in the name of the Lord accomplished a great victory for the people of God. We can also be used as an instrument in the hands of God like this stone even though so far we may been very ordinary without any great expectation . We should yield ourselves to be used by God for His glory.


John 8:7

A stone was used an instrument of punishment. But Jesus gave us a warning about stoning others for their sins. When a woman was caught in adultery there were many people ready to stone her to death. But Jesus told them ’He that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone ’. And we read that slowly everyone was convicted of their own sins and went away . This is a lesson for us to avoid condemning others without first examining our own hearts. We should not rush to judge others when they are caught in sin .We should first examine our own hearts to find out whether we are worthy to find fault with somebody else .


Matthew 21:44

A stone is also used to explain repentance and brokenness.Jesus said ’whoever falls on this stone will be broken and on whomsoever it falls it will grind him to powder ’. If we fall on the Lord and surrender at His feet He will break us and melt us and mould us and fill us and use us. But if we continue to be rebellious and reject his call of mercy then we should be prepared for destruction as God’s judgement will fall on us. It is better that we volunteer to submit to His will and be broken of all our selfwill rather than persisting in our rebellion against God and face His judgement.


Matthew 13:5-6 ,20-21

A stone is used to describe the condition of the human heart. A stony heart is one which receives the word of God with great joy. But when tribulation or persecution comes it is unable to bear it and falls away from God. It represents a shallow spiritual experience without deep roots which are necessary to withstand trials in our life. We should be careful not to have a stony heart which has no depth of commitment to God.


Matthew 16: 18 Matthew 7:24-27 I Corinthians 10:4

A stone is used to describe a good foundation on which a construction can be made. The church is built on the rock the Lord Jesus Christ. We are called to be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock which was able to withstand the storms and winds and floods. We should hear the word of God and obey His word and then we will build our life upon the word of God which is a stong foundation which can withstand the storms of life .


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