Summary: Unity is not just for the factory and the family, but also for our fellowship and our faith! These 5 principles work every time for a church that is serious about making a difference with their faith.

“Biblical Unity Releases”

Acts 2:40-47

Unity is not just for the factory and the family, but also for our fellowship and our faith!

Maybe you heard about this… A young girl wandered into the deep woods of British Columbia for hours. Mom and Dad called the police and a search party was formed immediately. Each person went their own way at first, and then as the sun began to set they realized that they had to find this girl before she freezes to death.

After many hours of each going their own way, finally someone suggested that they form a human chain by joining hands cross the huge field as one. Well, within 20 minutes they found the little girl, but it was too late, she was found curled in a ball, frozen to death.

Then someone shouted “Only if we had joined hands at first!”

How much more could Christians get done for God with this same principle?

Billy Graham said, “To dwell above with saints we love, that will be grace and glory. To live below with saints we know, that’s another story!”

1 Corinthians 12:12 “For even as the body is one, and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body.”

You see, Paul compares the church to the human body’s harmony with itself!

A human body is made up of many members functioning together. You hand is not so gifted that it can function separated from the rest of your body! Your hand is no longer skilled to do its unique ability!

Psalm 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”

One thing history teaches us, that biblical unity must come first for a country, and then that brings material blessings! America has this idea backwards right now and it won’t work any other way!

National unity and external unity is one thing, but these can never overshadow spiritual unity with God and internal unity with the Spirit!

There is so much historical evidence for this first church in case you’re wondering!

“One accord” = this doesn’t mean that everybody present agreed on everything, rather they were able to focus on the motives which united them.

Its estimated that if the American colonies would have been more unified at the time of the American Revolution, we could have won the war in 1 year, instead it took 8 long bloody years to gain our independence!

Biblical Unity Releases:

1. Divine Grace. Vs. 40,41

Because this church was so unified in its love for Jesus and one another, unmerited favor hit Jerusalem in a powerful way!

This was a tough town to reach. These were hard core Jews and the message Peter preached was very different than anything they had heard before. To know that one has favor with God is an awesome experience!

2. Doctrinal Growth. Vs. 42

There was a 3-fold growth because of their unity:

a. Application. God’s word! Discipleship was key!

b. Interaction. They all realized the partnership they had together.

c. Intercession. Praying for one anther is a sign of real unity! That’s why we must pray over our list!

You see, if we are all growing in the Word, then the Word creates a bonding and a gluing of our hearts to the task at hand! At our 9:45 Bible Study this is happening!

The fastest growing churches in America are examples of this principle. They grow because they’re all growing together in the Word and not because the church is liberal!

By chapter 2 this first church multiplied to 3000 people! It’s not because they were liberal in doctrine, but liberal in their love!

In order for a church to grow it cannot lose its touch, text and tenor!

3. Dynamite Gifts. Vs. 43

Miracles were happening! These members were exercising their spiritual gifts everywhere in town!

Their gifting was couched in the awe of God…“Fear of God”.

If a church is dead, if your life is spiritually dead, that means that God is not moving through it! There’s no reason for this at all in our lives!

If people are using their spiritual dynamite (power) then there’s less chance that we will sit around complaining and grumbling! If you find that you’re complaining and grumbling about this and that in church – find something to do and get going and doing for Jesus!

I wish we had a “Grudge Detector” at the front door…

Here’s the key: Whatever gifting God has given you; use it wisely and in a spirit of unity!

4. Daily Gladness. Vs. 44-46

There was no jealousy, no critics, just gladness!

Let me tell you; Jealousy is a blister on the heal of a friendship, the great exaggerator, jaundice of the soul, and cancer to a believer’s unity!

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