Summary: A very different way to teach the sinlessness of Jesus using video and pictures from the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan

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1 Peter 2:21-25

Before I start let me make a disclaimer and two promises…


This sermon will be 95% setup and then will have only one main point and a quick application


1. You may not like this sermon but you will remember it

2. You will get to see some truly amazing things

(Apologies to those unable to see the video)

It is hard for me to tell you how excited I am about preaching this sermon. The idea came to me about three weeks ago and I have given it a lot of thought.

One of my favorite videos to watch is the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt from 1981. Why?

Heroism!! This video is loaded with heroes… people who did some truly amazing and courageous things.

Most people never know a real, honest to goodness, war hero.

We know and have great respect for everyday heroes…

Police, fire, military, TEACHERS

But few of us know any actual, decorated heroes

I remember as a child when Jantzen Childers was wounded in battle and received the Purple Heart medal. We boys in Lockhart idolized him. When we played war… we fought over who was Jantzen.

But even in you know a bonafide hero…

Very few people ever have a chance to be an eyewitness to someone in the act of true heroism. We hear or read about it… but never see it.

Today you are going to get to eyewitness several bonefide heroes in the act of heroism.

Let me set the stage

The year is 1981 and we have a new President, Ronald Reagan.

He is leaving the Washington Hilton Hotel, and heading for the presidential limousine. He is surrounded by DC policemen, Secret Service agents and media.

Unknown to any of them there is another person in the crowd, John W. Hinkley, a mentally deranged 26 year-old who had a fascination with actress Jodi Foster and decided that the way to get her attention was to murder the president.

He had actually tried to assassinate Jimmy Carter, but was arrested on a firearms charge. His next attempt came on March 30, 1981 at 2:25 pm when Hinkley, at pointblank range fired 6 shots at President Reagan.

Hinkley was waiting for the President but there were people between him and the target: Press Sec. James Brady and DC Policeman Thomas DelaHanty. Hinkley’s first shot hits Brady in the head and his second hits officer DelaHanty in the neck… both fall like rocks, clearing a path to Reagan. The third shot hits the window of the limo right at Reagan’s stomach the fifth is never found and the last… pure luck… shot ricochets off of the limo door jam and hits Reagan in his left side, just under his arm and lodges in the heart.

And this is where it gets good. In the next two seconds two men will become heroes and you will get to see their heroism.

First of all though… when a person is surprised by an explosion or loud noise beside them… what is the normal human reaction?

Duck-- cover-- flee (SHOW)

Duck and cover is to make yourself as small a target as possible

Flee is the normal reaction to fear… to get away from the danger

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Chris Silver

commented on Jul 30, 2014

Rick, What do you think Jesus expects from me? Do you think what he expects from me is different than what he commands of me? Do you think god is disappointed with me? Do you think god is pleased with me? how can I be sinless, righteous, and perfect?

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