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“Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his processions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house.”

In many government circles, there are documents which are honored especially those that concern transactions and relationships. One of these is the marriage certificate which translates mutual oneness between a married couple. When a man ‘ties the knot’ with a woman on wedding day, they are bound into one and the woman can claim what belongs to the man and vice-versa.

Binding,- as a term commonly used by many Christians is at times misleading- or rather used wrongly. We hear evangelists binding demons in the name of Jesus. Once a demon is bound within a person, that means the person may feel better but the demon remains bound within the character struggling to loosen himself. Many stay with their sicknesses because the sickness has been bound and bound and bound…within those people. Believers should cast the demons off people rather than binding them within the people. We ought to pray the Lord’s wisdom in dealing with spiritual aspects and behavior. The sons of Sceva (Acts 19:13-16) fell victims in their endeavor to exorcise a person, they were overcome and received a thorough beating until they left the house bleeding and naked. I realize that many believers bind the enemy before they start rebuking it and this saves them from receiving a thorough beating, even though they don’t help solve the situation.

Demons are not toys to be juggled around with. One must be fully equipped to confront the devil- fully equipped with spiritual weapons. Some demons speak and tell people about you and your hypocrisy. This can be quite frustrating and demoralizing. When I was young in salvation, a colleague who was a good church goer managed to accept Christ as his personal savior. During the prayers, the friend whom I understood to an extent, turned wild and demons started speaking through him. They had a hoarse voice and were violent. I wondered whether it was the same friend I knew! The church leaders realized that many of us were scared and frightened and so we had to be sent away from the scene. This , I realized later on to be a wise decision. There’s a brother who was once being exorcised and the demons entered into another one who stood by watching the ‘circus’ and so the circle continued. Children in faith and physically should not be allowed to stand and see- they should witness it on TV even with a lot of care as spirits can jump over a television set and poses an individual.

There are people who like ‘watching’ demons being exorcised from people. This is extremely dangerous since some demons can easily get a host from ‘weaker vessels’ the way they got into a herd of swine (Luke 8:26-33) which eventually drowned. Even when casting away demons, we should never send them to the desert and oceans since there are people living and sailing there respectively. Send them to the place they dislike most. I once saw a preacher who cast demons and put them into a spiritual bus then asked them to drive away! In fact most demons are cast to the seas and therefore casting demons to the ocean is like sending them home for a holiday!

Next time you go casting off evil spirits, be careful on what you bind and loosen. Take your time and pray with fasting and no demon or demoness shall play games with you.

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