Summary: Blaming othlers will eat away at you. This lesson will help you to finally let go of blaming others.

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Blame - criticize somebody: to find fault with somebody – Encarta Dictionary

Have you ever been around someone who thinks they do no wrong and only blames others? That person may even be you. The reason people blame others is that they are unhappy with their own lives. They don’t want to take the blame for anything that has happened and feel good when others goof up. While you may not be able to change those who “Blame” you can change the way you think about those people.

When I was an Airline Pilot I was responsible for all flight operations whether good or bad. If you are taxing into the gate and your wing clips a baggage cart it is the Captains fault. It doesn’t matter if the lineman steers you the wrong way or not. What the lineman needs is not to be hammered with threats but more training on how to bring an aircraft in. Blame comes from lack of self esteem. When someone has a low self esteem they start to blame others. What we need to do as believers in Jesus is to take the example of Jesus. Jesus did not come to condemn the world which he had every right to do but to save the world. John 3:17

Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brothers eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

When we blame someone we may be right but we are guilty also so why even start down that road? Let’s say I tell someone to do something and they don’t do it. I could take the low road and blame them or I could see them like Jesus sees them. Maybe I hired them for the wrong position. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Maybe I never understood them in the first place.

Today there will be conflicts that come into your life. Will your actions reflect Jesus or the devil? The choice is yours. The only way to get people behind you is to take the arrows first. Don’t ask someone to do something that you would not do. Be vulnerable and not arrogant. People want to follow a leader or leads by example not by smooth talking. Of course to be a great leader in the home or the workplace you first need to let Jesus lead you. No matter where you are on this spectrum it is never too late to change. Jesus only had His ministry for 3 years on this earth. Look at what He accomplished with men who were not the “cream of the crop.” When you can stop blaming others and starting taking the blame ALL yourself then Jesus will use you in a mighty way.

See life differently today through the eyes and heart of Jesus.


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