JOHN 9:3

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”

Man is quick at making judgments. Whatever befalls a Christian, usually has a purpose but not every circumstance is as a result of sin . In some cases, God is involved so that He may be glorified. In our daily Christian lives, we see children being born blind, deaf, crippled, dump, stillborns etc. This is a common occurrence yet we hide under the umbrella of righteousness and point fingers to the affected parents claiming that they must have sinned somewhere in their walk and that God was punishing them. That is not so.

Acts 28:1-6 gives us the story of men who thought that Paul was a sinner whom God was punishing and then later thought of him as a god. We fail in understanding the will of God, even when the Lord saves sinners, we become the first to give reasons for their turning to God. We even go the extent of intimidating God. Many accuse God for not doing this and that for them. Believers go the extent of asking the Lord to stop being biased. When the Lord is blessing somebody, don’t jump unto Him for blessings too. Wait for your time. God is not in a hurry to bless you, and therefore don’t rush Him into doing what He had not planned to do, for God is not a robot or a puppet to be manipulated or patronized.

In John 11:32, Mary confronts Jesus with, “Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Isn’t this the same way we react whenever a calamity befalls us or our loved ones? We complain to Him that if ‘he had been present then’ as if we are sure that He was not involved in the occurrence. Even when the Lord waits to be glorified in an event, we give the devil a priority since we become the first in pointing our fingers at the Lord. Accusation is a devil’s weapon for he is the accuser of brethren (Revelation 12:10). He accused Job before God and many other men of God. You are therefore not an exception. He will continue pointing his crooked finger at you as long as you are doing the will of God but let you not be scared.

Next time you face a calamity, as a believer, do not start accusing your neighbor, pastor, or even God. He may be wholly involved in the molding of your life than any of those you have in mind. Remember that even Jesus’ disciples fell into such a weakness when they saw Jesus walking on water (Mark 6:47-51) they thought that Jesus was a ghost in the midst of the troubled sea. Well, stormy seas are not welcome in our lives but they have to come so that our carnal lives are worked out to the fully. And therefore when they do come your way, it may be an indicator that Jesus Christ is about to appear, walking on them. So do not see a ghost, see the Lord Jesus.

I have encountered a brother, who in a scuffle was slightly cut in his abdomen. I told him not to blame the Lord since the devil wanted to do away with his neck except that the Lord was in control. Had the Lord not been present, maybe the sharp weapon would have done away with his neck and life. Jesus Christ told Peter that the devil wanted to sift him like wheat, but He (Jesus) was praying for him. Note that Peter in John 18:10 had intended to split Malchus’s head when he drew the sword and cut off his right ear was it not for the presence of the Lord Jesus.

So next time you find yourself in a close-shave, praise the name of the Lord! Do not give the enemy an opportunity to spoil where the Lord ought to have been uplifted. Do not just see the devil but have time with God and you will see Him, for those who seek God shall find Him- and for those who seek the devil, the devil finds them! Every person who talks about the devil every time disasters befalls him, that individual will continue facing these calamities for the devil too desires to be acknowledged. But whoever praises the Lord during times of ‘winter’ shall have the favor of God, for the devil will stop bringing his schemes if he doesn’t receive any glory.

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