Summary: Meekness precludes certain undesirable traits, enhances all desirable traits, and brings great reward.

Blessed Are the Meek Matt. 5:5

INTRO.: Webster defines "meek" as "mild of temper; patient under suffering, longsuffering."

The meek person is one who makes no undue demands upon himself, God, or his fellow man. He recognizes his abilities and responsibilities and is content in the circumstances in which God has placed him.

The meek person is not given to frequent outbursts not obsessed with having his way and getting his rights. He is not overanxious about material things but lets God have His way.

Translators of the New International Version used the word "humility," "humble," or "gentle" to translate the same word in every instance except this one. They thought "humility" & "gentleness" good synonyms for "meekness."

The meek person is not a person the world would consider a candidate for blessing. But, we must remember if we want to understand the beatitudes, we must view them from an eternal, not an earthly perspective.

ILLUS.: Moses’ according to Numbers 12:3, was the meekest man on earth. No one would accuse him of weakness or failure. How could he have been any more powerful or successful?

Meekness is a quality greatly to be desired for these reasons:

I. Meekness excludes certain undesirable traits:

A. Where there is meekness, there can be no strife: II Tim. 2:22-25 (ASV)

1. Prideful strife splits Churches, destroys friendships.

2. Meekness leads us to teach patiently, not quarrel.

3. The meek man is willingly subject to the authority of God’s Word, respects Church leaders and teachers.

B. Where there is meekness, there can be no harsh language: Jas. 3:13

1. Harsh language is the result of anger & frustration.

2. The immature become angry and use harsh language when they don’t get their way.

3. The meek man controls his anger & frustration and needs no vulgar words to express it.

C. Where there is meekness, there is no spiritual pride: Gal. 6:1

1. Some are "holier than thou" always ready to condemn others. They are victims of spiritual pride.

2. A meek man recognizes his own susceptibility to sin and hesitates to condemn others.

3. Who would you rather have as your teacher?

II. Meekness (humility) accompanies and enhances every desirable trait:

A. It accompanies conviction: I Tim. 6:11, 12

1. The meek man is not to always give way. He should be willing to "fight the good fight."

2. When he must stand firm on his convictions, he is respected more for his mild spirit.

B. We should receive the Word with meekness: James 1:21

1. We should be willing to humbly obey God, not push our wishes upon Him.

C. Meekness comes from wisdom: James 3:13

1. Wisdom makes us meek because the wiser we become, the more we realize our own need

2. A wise person doesn’t have to flaunt his wisdom. He has learned the wisdom of humility.

3. We tend to doubt a person who always tells everything he knows.

D. Meekness enhances our witness. I Pet. 3:15

1. It doesn’t mean we are hesitant about witnessing.

2. The meek witness speaks humbly and is careful to speak only God’s Word.

E. Meekness is a part of Christian maturity: Gal. 5:23

1. Fruit produced by the Spirit, which every Christian should cultivate.

2. It is a definite sign of improvement in our character.

3. It means we have allowed God’s Spirit to enter and rule our lives.

III. Meekness brings great blessings:

A. The meek will be saved. Psalm 149:4

1. Because they willingly hear and obey His Word.

2. A proud presumptions spirit is offensive to God.

3. Some will even presume God will save them because of their good works and spiritual pride. He won’t.

B. The meek person will enjoy peace of mind and mental stability.

1. He has peace because he trusts God to care for him.

2. He isn’t constantly fretting about getting "what is coming to him" or making sure of his "rights"

3. He is free of fear & anxiety and able to enjoy the world about him. He might as well have the entire world because he couldn’t be happier.

C. In the life to come, the promise of Jesus will be fulfilled. The meek will literally inherit the earth.

1. They will reign as kings and priests with Christ.

2. The new Heaven & earth will be the possession of the saints.

3. To share in this, we must crucify self and serve God. That’s the essence of humility (meekness.)

CONC.: A person truly meek will be happy whatever the outward circumstances. He is blessed because he will inherit the earth. He will inherit the earth because he will enjoy life to the fullest, having all the good things life has to offer. As one of God’s children, he will rule the earth when Christ returns.

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