Summary: Blessed are the peacemakers. Those that will not avoid conflict to keep everyone happy. They are the ones doing the Lords work.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God

Matthew 5:1-5:12

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This has been a week! Anybody else besides me been there?

Keeping that scenario in mind, we will continue to look at the Be-attitudes.

The Blessed characteristics for our lives.

We are down to two and it is not coincidence that they are “blessed are the peacemakers”, and the last one that addresses persecution in the church.

There are peacekeepers and trouble-makers. They live everywhere we go.


Matthew 5:1-5:12


A three year old boy had a friend over to his house to play-, but it turned out to be a rough day. The little boy was arguing about the toys and was grumpy. He just wasn’t playing nice. When the mother came in to offer them some snacks she said to her son, “you know that you should be nicer to your friend.” He came over to play with you. The little boy relied, “well mom, sometimes I am mean- sometimes I’m not.

There are three kinds of people.

Peace- makers


Peace fakers

One is trying to do the right thing.

One tries to undo the right thing.

One tries to just stay neutral because they don’t do well with conflict, and rely on someone else to take the heat to do the right thing.

Sign on the shop wall:

We can fix anything! (please knock hard on door, doorbell doesn’t work)

We exchange anything. Bicycles to washing machines. Why not bring your wife and get a wonderful bargain?

These signs tell us something

The doorbell sign tells us that although we think we can fix anything. The everyday stuff is the last to be fixed and usually the most neglected.

The second is about communication. What we think we heard is what we react to. The sign was talking about a wash machine and bike. but because we read it wrong, we grabbed the wrong meaning.


In 1873, Samuel Colt introduced a pistol that was named “The peacemaker.”Because of its simple design, and the use of shell cartridges rather than older style loaders, anyone could learn to use this weapon. He said “stronger man could no longer overpower a smaller, weaker man. What formerly depended on strength now depended on speed and accuracy.


In November of 1982, President Ronald Reagan dubbed a new M-X missile “The peace-keeper” this Missile because of mobility and more modern guidance systems, would be a great deterrent to foreign aggression.

It is interesting that these references are made to weapons.

An internet search of “peacekeepers” show reference to weapons, soldiers, groups that prevent war.

If a person is going to keep the peace, it is evident he/she is going to use weapons. The more the better.

Peace keeping is a stop order measure that is fought with danger.

History has shown most peace keeping measures have failed.

Hang in there with this!

Peace keeping by itself does not offer a solution.

Peace keepers are usually wounded in battle.

Truth be told this morning, you know what group of people you fall under.

(1 ) A person who tries to do the right thing. (Peaceful)

Very often, sacrifice your own rights to help someone else.

Like I said before…. time, talents, and money.

(2) You’re the person who is a trouble-maker.

The hotline is burning up with your friends deciding to roast the latest victim.

Your effort does not come with healing. It comes with destruction. They bring nothing to the table except there self-sacrificing ability to attack those who are trying to make a difference.

(3) The third group is a tough group.

Sometimes, by giving the benefit of the doubt, we think that we are peacekeepers, but actually are a hinderance.

Peacemaker does not mean avoid conflict at all cost.

Reagan with his missile was right. To think that the USA would be safe because we declare to the world that we won’t hurt anybody, and that we would get rid of all of our weapons would be suicide for everyone involved.

Evil does not play by the same rules.

We need to be careful that the Godly blessings is our peacemaking, not just peace-lovers alone.

You can win your peace or you can buy it.

You win it by resisting evil.

You buy it by compromising with evil.

These are your choices.

The peace spoken of is not a passive acceptance of wrong, but by triumph of good, even when it involves conflict.

This is where well intended people have made a mistake.

Proverbs 2210

“Kick out the trouble makers and things will quiet down; you need a break from bickering and griping.

So, how do we do it?

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