Summary: An inspirational look at Mary's faith and how OUR belief in the Lord will enable us also to be blessed. A study also on Elizabeth and how people USED to call her barren, but that some of God's miracles change our identity! What is impossible to God?

Blessed BECAUSE You Believe!!!

Jonathan Landis 12/14/14 Luke 1:26-45

Read Luke 1:26-34 NLT

34. – How?

1. How in the world?!?

A fair question given the circumstances!

There is a time when it is appropriate to ask God HOW IN THE WORLD?!?

The answer? Read on in Verse 35

Vs. 35 – The Holy Spirit… “and He will be called the Son of God.”

Son of God – why is that one of the names of Jesus? Because He was quite literally conceived of God! Mary was a virgin and she became a mother! Expound on Jesus being both fully God and fully man...

Read on in VS. 36-37

Vs. 36 – “People USED to say…” (spend time on 36…)

2. God Changes IDENTITIES!!!

The things people used to say about us no longer need to define us. When God works a miracle in our lives it could be a miracle that even gives us new identity. People may have used to say, “He’s an alcoholic… or She’s a slut… or He’s angry, always looking for a fight… or She’s a heroin addict.” But when God performs a miracle in your life you are NO LONGER defined by what people used to say about you (even if it USED to be true!). In Christ we can have NEW identity.

Elizabeth’s shame wasn’t her fault… she was barren of no fault of her own. It was a miracle of provision and life that she needed to get a new identity.

Maybe people USED to say you are poor, but God wants to change that… He wants you to be blessed.

Now I am NOT saying God wants all of us to have huge houses and drive luxury cars… But He DOES want us to be blessed in Him. Blessing goes way beyond the temporary things of this world!

So even if we are money poor, we can be blessed!!!

Consider this, in case you’re still not completely with me…

Paul the Apostle said this…

Philippians 4:12-13 New Living Translation (NLT)

12 I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. 13 For I can do everything through Christ,[a] who gives me strength.

If you were to apply Paul’s different sets of circumstances up against some modern doctrine being taught from some pulpits (and on some TV broadcasts) then you would think that the times that Paul had more than enough, it must have been because Paul was walking in obedience and in high levels of faith in God. You would also think based on some people’s teaching, that the times that Paul went HUNGRY that Paul was somehow lacking faith or else that wouldn’t be the case.

What do you think about that? Was Paul’s faith lacking in the times that he lacked having enough to even have food to eat?

I would venture to say Paul’s faith was tested and found to be great in those times, and if his faith wavered, it was in fact STRENGTHENED when he made the choice to be content in those situations and trust God even when there was NOT enough.

Blessing then is much more than material. Blessing is learning to rely on God and experience His presence in every situation!

Some people may have used to call you “poor”. I used to call myself poor! But I am learning that I am blessed, and that blessing isn’t determined by the number listed on my bank ledger either. I am a blessed man because God is doing a miracle in me.

If we talked to your friends and family… if we walked around the neighborhood and asked people to tell us the first few things that come to mind when we mention your name… would they be?

What do people call you?

Well maybe it’s time… like Elizabeth… that God does a miracle in you that changes even your reputation!!! What kind of miracle would it take to change what people say about you, to what people USED to say about you???

Answer that question… and then make that your prayer request today!!! I’m believing for some miracles to be released in YOUR life today!

Re-read Verse 37

3. NOTHING is impossible with God!!!

Believe THIS simple truth and no matter how BIG the miracle you need is, you’ll realize that with God it IS possible!

Impossible is not a word of faith!!!

God is the God of the SUPERnatural. He created the natural order of things, and He has every right to SUPERcede the natural order whenever He wants to!!!

So, I ask you, “What is impossible with God???”

-Nothing!!! (force response if they don’t get it…)

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