Summary: Blessings flow through out the year

Psalm 65 Harvest

By Rev. Andrew B Natarajan

This communal song of thanksgiving celebrates God’s blessing on His people with a bountiful land, grace and providence. Other community psalms of thanksgiving are 66, 107, 118, 124, and129.

This is also a Harvest psalm. Jews had three harvests:1.Passover(Mar-Apr)brought barley and made brad. 2.Pentecost (May-Jun) brought in wheat and made bread. 3. Tabernacles(Sep-Oct) picked the grapes and made wine.

These harvests remind us of the bread and wine that Jesus said were his body and blood.

God saves us(vv.1-4)

Praise to God in Zion (v1), prayer of all people are being heard and answered (v2), sins are heavy on us so need to be forgiven (v3), and the blessedness of dwelling with God in Jerusalem, Satisfied — With the blessings, favour and fellowship of God, remission of sins, renovation of heart and life, joy and peace, and well-grounded assurance of eternal life(v4)..

God is powerful(vv.5-8)

God is the God of salvation and deliverance. hope (v5), God's might with references to the mountains(v6), Jesus calmed the seas and also the red sea was divided(v7)

God gives plenty of good things(vv.9-13)

God showered with gift of water, which provides people with grain, shapes the earth, and causes life to grow(vv.9-10).

God is from everlasting to everlasting, and there are no limits of days, or seasons, or years, in His boundless existence. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are for us not for God. God has been working through all eternity. God's love encircles the year as with a crown; each month has its gems, each day its pearl. Unceasing kindness girdles all time with a belt of love. Human paths makes everything dry, no grass grow but the footsteps of God brings fatness in life (v.11).

The beauty of the wilderness, forests, flowers, plants are personified. How they all enjoy their life and make others to enjoy. The natural pastures attracts the sheep and the shepherds(v.13).

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Dan York

commented on Sep 15, 2018

It seems like the only one that loaded was the first message-the other three only give the beginning. Based on the first one, it appeared to be a very well thought out sermon. I would have liked to follow your thoughts o through the rest of the series.

Rev.andrew B Natarajan

commented on Sep 19, 2018

Thank you Dan York Greetings. I am happy that you are regularly going through my sermons. In fact, after every Sunday or after every month I upload the sermons after preaching them in the Sunday services. These are gist of my preaching. I am not able to put the entire script of the preaching. Only short notes are up loaded. with regards Andrew

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