Summary: This is an exposition of Psalms 84



INTRO: (vs.1-3) Psalms 42, 63

Expressions revealed in this portion of scripture show us that his feelings were inexpressible, lovely to the memory, to the mind, to the heart, to the eye and to the whole soul. The tabernacles (outer court, inner court, the holy place or the holy of holies), he loved every portion of it. Even at a distance the psalmist rejoices to remember the sacred tent where Jehovah revealed Himself, where the presence of God is, where believers sing songs of grace, joyful sound is echoed forth.

v. 2 “My soul longeth” – it pines and faints to meet with the saints in the Lord’s house. The desire was deep and insatiable – the very soul of man was yearning for his God. He has a holy lovesickness upon him and was consumed with an inward desire for the Lord.

“My heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God” It was God himself that he pined for, the only living and true God. The psalmist declared that he could not remain silent in his desires, but began to cry out for God and his house; he wept, he signed, he pleaded for the privilege.

Where I come from, people have to wait for the bells to ring to call them into the house of God. The psalmist needed no clatter of bells to ring to call him to worship – he had a desire, a longing a holy appetite for God and his presence. “A holy appetite is a better call to worship than a full chime”

v.3. The psalmist envies the sparrows that lived around the house of God, and picked up the crumbs that fall in the courts, he only wished that he too could frequent the house of God and have a taste of the heavenly food.

He even envied the swallows that have built their nests and found a place for their young and themselves. The church of God is a home for us and the nest for our little ones. The expression “nest” and “house” conveys the same message. It is a place of security, a shelter from the storm, a covert to hide oneself from every evil, a protection from all that can harm, “a place to rest in, to nestle in, to joy in”.

But there is one thing in these highly privileged birds- they did not know from whom all these kindness flowed, they knew neither his heart nor his hand, and yet they enjoyed the rich provisions of his tender care. God thought of everything for their need and yet there was no fellowship or relationship between them and the great Giver. We learn a great lesson from this- we shouldn’t be satisfied with merely frequenting the house of God, but to rise in spirit and seek and find, enjoy direct communion with the living God through Christ Jesus.



The fruit of our lips is praise, thanksgiving, adoration, worship, and gratitude. Doubts are gone, fears are gone, unsettled questions are gone. They do not exist in the holy place.

It is not the good disposition of the servants BUT the infinite worthiness of God almighty that makes them praise. When we see how He has delivered us from sins, gave us eternal life, provided for our needs, how h e has treated us like children more than servants. What heart can be so ungrateful not to praise Him? You just cannot afford to remain silent, when you realize how merciful, and gracious and loving God is.

Psalm 96. “ Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord all the earth, sing to the Lord bless his name. Proclaim good tidings of his salvation from day to day. Tell of His glory among the nations. His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. For great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!

Friends when you’re in God’s presence you will say things that glorify and praise the Lord.

You will be an encourager, a reconciliator, a peacemaker; you will say the right words at the right time. What comes out of your mouth will build up and not tear down, it will give life and not kill and destroy.


v. 5. “Blessed is the man whose strength is in the Lord”

not in himself, or how financially stable he is, not in being successful at his job, not in having a good family, not even in a church…

5b “but in whose heart are His ways”. What is your heart attitude toward God? Are you serving Him wholeheartedly or not? Have you surrendered totally to Him or just a part of your life? We can give Him our sins but not our finances, or will, or desire or family or job.

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