Summary: What can we learn from the blind man healed by Jesus?

As we continue to learn about the life of Jesus Christ and His teachings through the Gospel of Mark, let us remind ourselves of God’s perfect plan. God created human beings with the freedom to choose, a free will, because forcing someone how to live is not love. And because God loves, He made sure that human beings knew the instructions on how to live. At first, God spoke directly to people, then He had everything needed to be said in writing; we call it the Bible.

Although God knew that His creations would have the freedom to disobey Him, He created humans because God from the beginning already had a solution. The solution of course is Jesus Christ, who is God Himself, lived on earth as a human being then suffered and died for man’s disobedience. Jesus Himself said in the Gospel of John Chapter 3, v16…. Let say it together….

As we have been learning from the Gospel of Mark, we are getting closer to the end of Christ’s ministry on earth and so many people have learned who Jesus was; some were excited and some were afraid. Open your Bibles to Mark 10…. Read along with me Mark 10:46-52….

As we noted earlier, Many have now heard that Jesus Christ was proclaiming He is the Messiah; the One sent by God to save the world. And so, we note in..

v46: Jesus not only had the 12 Disciples but many other people following Him leaving Jericho and a blind man was at the roadside

So, picture that for a moment; Jesus Christ and a mob of people were walking down the road and a blind man started shouting to Jesus! How did the blind man knew it was Jesus??

The guy was blind not deaf!

v47: the blind man heard Jesus was waking by!

And the blind man was shouting at Jesus asking for mercy (What did that mean that he was asking for mercy??)

The blind man asked for God’s grace and compassion!

What did the blind man knew about Jesus?? – Son of David = Messiah, Savior God

Do you think the blind was just begging or truly believed that Jesus is??

v48: in spite of being rebuked (he was just a beggar after all), he shouted even louder, he pleaded for help in spite of ridicule which indicate true belief in Jesus!

v49-52: Jesus knew the blind man’s heart was genuine!

Going back to v51? What can we say is significant about v51??

Jesus gave an open offer for anything!! The blind man just asked for the simplicity of sight!

3 significant things to note in v52??

a. Jesus had the power to heal with just His word!

b. God’s healing requires faith!

c. The blind man didn’t go back to his pew, but followed Jesus!

There are many things to learn from the blind man to apply to our lives today; but verse 52 is the key verse to this passage right?

Let’s ask ourselves:

1. Do we truly believe Jesus Christ is God who can do anything with just a word?

Nothing is impossible with God; what’s required from people today is faith in Jesus Christ!

Faith healed the blind man! The same word is used in Hebrews 11-12….. turn there

2. How is our faith in comparison to the faithfuls in Hebrews 11?

We are to grow our faith and Romans…. Tells us faith comes by hearing the Word of God. The amount of reading and learning from God’s Word will determine the growth of our faith. God’s Word in James also tells us that faith without works is dead. Therefore, godly faith requires action!

Putting all of these biblical truths, may I suggest this definition: Faith is complete trust in God’s Word by putting it to action! Faith is believing and doing what God says.

3. Are we really following Jesus on a daily basis or are we just comfortable in our Sunday pews? What will our Sunday night look like; will we be walking with Jesus?

What will our Monday look like; will be still walking with Jesus? Tuesday? Wednesday and the rest of the week?

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