Summary: Living our lives in a way God intended us to. Seek God's guidance and bloom where we are planted.

Many a time, we Christians fail to understand ourselves who really we are, why we are here on this earth and where are we leading to with our life.

Have you ever noticed that when you plant something in the ground it grows where you planted it? Once a seed is planted in good soil, water it and allow it to be nurtured by the sun that seed begins to grow. And yes, we expect the seed to grow and one day bear fruit for us or provides something for us. We don’t simply plant a seed, we wanted a good future of it, therefore , we plant. Likewise, we humans are the same. God’s given life has a purpose, to bear fruit for others, to contribute something good for others. God’s plan is perfectly done. We are meant to grow where God plants us.

Why is it that so many Christians fail to flourish in life? Many people give up their lives halfway, and they fail to reach what they actually aimed to. They failed to achieve their goals in life. There are many who live for themselves. They forget the purpose of God’s plan for them and they live life according to their wishes. And they forget the God’s purpose of life for them. Therefore, they failed in life. They’re not successful and finally, ends up their lives in a hopeless condition.

As a believers in Christ, what we ought to do, what should we do. We have to prayerfully and carefully live our life under God’s fear. The Word of God clearly tell us the way we can flourish both now on the earth and in the future in heaven in Psalm 92:13. “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

What does the Scripture say? Those who attend the house of the Lord? No….. Those who visit the house of the Lord? No….. But it is, those who are planted in the house of the Lord. Those who are in Christ. Those who live for Christ. We are to be rooted in Christ and live a good Christian life.

We visit church regularly. We attend every church service. But… are we really living according to God’s will? We are lay down sacrifice ourselves and serve God and help the church. Keeping ourselves away from sinful activities of the world. God’s blessings is upon the one who lives and practice these life.

When we observe the churches today. Sadly, mostly of the people who call themselves Christians are failing to bloom. They just visit church, they just attend yet they are not really committed physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They attend church because their parents force them to go or they go as their friends did. They attend because of tradition. They attend because it makes them look good in the community. I believe God has planted us all here and I also believe that if God has planted us here, then we need to bloom where we are planted.

Dear friends! Who are we in Christ? Let us think and ask ourselves once. Are we blooming for Christ? Are we living according to what God wants us to live? Are we doing something that is contributing good? Or just simply living our life as our wishes and wants. Let us ponder ourselves and think if God is happy with our doings and living.

We have many different opportunities to minister in our church and in our community. It is our relationship with God where our faith should be then, we will bloom where we are planted and we will bear fruit for the people in need, so that they will see Christ by the way we live. I want you to think for a moment tonight, why are we here... what can I do for my people and for Christ. God has place you here for a reason and He has enabled you for a purpose.

Remember! God has a plan for us to do abd He expect us to do it… we must be willing to grow and we must be willing to bloom where God has planted you. In this living today, let us remember once again the purpose of God in our lives and live for Christ. Live meaningfully that you’ll not regret.

God Bless You All!

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