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Sermon 2: Blueprints for Spiritual Excellence

1 Timothy 4:7-8

There is no instant success. There is no instant achievement of goals without the frustration of preparation. Excellent success comes by exercise; it never comes easily or automatically. This truth is confirmed in the word, Paul, in this passage is encouraging Timothy toward spiritual excellence.

Exercise comes from the Greek word, which means gymnasium. It suggests training, discipline, and all that it takes to make a great athlete.

Our goal as believers and Christians is godliness. It is the overall goal of the Christian life is godliness, and the means of obtaining this goal is strenuous. But it benefits in this life and the life to come. Bodily exercise is good for you as long as you live. But after death it has no value.

You got to be determined practice and sacrifice in order to be a champion for God.

I think I need to tell you early in this preachment hour that you have to pray to achieve godliness.

Is more important than reading the Bible, for we have not always had a Bible to read, worship and tithe. You can be locked up in prison and not have a Bible to read, no church to worship in, and no money to give. Even then a person can maintain a personal relationship with God, because he or she is able to pray. You can have a relationship with the pastor, other Christians, your Church without prayer, but not God! If you don’t meet God in prayer, you don’t meet Him at all! The way to fellowship with God is through prayer. And you cannot have fellowship with someone you don’t talk to. If Satan can whip us at the point of regular prayer, then he has won the victory in our life.

I believe I need to tell you in this preachment hour that you need to attend regular services to achieve godliness. It is necessary in growing to be all God wants us to be. We need worship for inspiration, education, association and cooperation. It is not optional if you are living for the Lord. Isaiah went to church. The Psalmist went to church. The Publican went to church. And if you go regularly it will help you keep God, life and yourself in the right perspectives.

I need to tell you in this hour that you need to do some witnessing to achieve godliness. It helps in spiritual growth. We become fully conscious of what we believe only when we are able to express that belief to some one else. There is nothing that can strengthen your faith like being faithful witness for Christ. This our way of being blessed and being a blessing.

I need to tell you in this preachment hour that you need to read the word to achieve godliness. The Bible is bread, milk and meat. It’s food and nourishment for the Christian life. Read it everyday, remember we rarely miss a meal. Read it systematically, have a plan and stick to it. Read it carefully, you’re not to speed in reading. There is nothing wrong wit translations. Don’t worry about the parts you don’t understand, concentrate on what you do understand. Read prayerfully. Ask God’s direction.

Be open-minded, be ready to learn, understand and obey. Share what you read. Don’t worry about the time. Get the discipline down and the time will take car of itself.

I think I need to tell you in the closing moments of this preachment hour that there must be some giving in order to achieve godliness. Unless believers learn how to give generously, we cannot grow spiritually. The starting point is the tithe. We cannot achieve true godliness unless we give according to the word.

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