Summary: Message features some odd names modern parents are using to name their children upon birth, then moves into the name Yeshua and other Biblical teachings about the Messiah. A 2nd nugget lesson is about perseverence and uses QB Brett Favre as an example

BOCh RVF 26062002

Authorities in Moscow, Russia are a bit frustrated by an unreasonable couple who could not come into agreement with what people at a local children’s feel is a reasonable name for their newborn. Rather than choosing a common name, they insist on naming there child with a gibberish line of unrecognizable consonants and numbers. The name “BOCh RVF 26062002” is a technical Russian acronym for the phrase “Biological Human Object of the Voronin-Frolov Genus,” but one can see why officials won’t put that name on a birth certificate.

But there are others in Russia who are also choosing unusual names. These include the English equivalency of: Wind, Dolphin, North, Leaf Salad, Aviation Dispatcher, Cool, Simply a Hero, and even

Viagra. Perhaps the most controversial name reaches farther southward to the tropical nation of New Zealand. In this remote place, lives a little girl named “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.” I suppose she could immigrate to America and marry a “Boy Named Sue.” I wish all these children no misfortune with their arguably unfortunate beginnings.

As many in my reading audience knows, my wife and I are expecting…again. For those keeping track, this will be Papez Child #6, and doctors have notified us that our baby that is 21 weeks conceived is a boy which we will name Nathan. His name means “Given By God,” which to me is more than fitting. To all those out there shocked by our the sheer numbers of our future volleyball team, I jokingly respond, “yes, I know what is causing it.” In an era that promotes a planned parenthood and birth control. I understand the number in our family is uncommon. It’s just that my wife and I have a real hard time saying to the Lord that He can have every aspect of our lives EXCEPT the womb—so we gave that over to Him years ago.

In Mark 1:1-3, the author lists 4 different names for the newborn baby that has become our saviour. These names include: Jesus, Christ, Son of God, and Lord. And each name carries within it a certain amount of significance.

Jesus, a common name also sometimes written as Yeshua or Joshua, is the formal name of the Messiah that was announced through the prophets many years before His virgin birth from Mary. The direct meaning is “Yahweh is Salvation,” and aren’t we all most thankful for His salvation.

The name Christ carries the literal meaning, “The Anointed One,” and carries within it the idea of a blessing. In the ancient days, anointings were given to prophets, priests, and kings, and Jesus was all three!

The title of “Son of God,” is not biblically uncommon if a careful search is done. In addition to describing the coming savior, it was also used for angels, the Nation of Israel, and the Davidic lines of Kings (for those wishing to do some research, read into Job 1:6, Hosea 1:10, & 2 Samuel 7:14). All of thse are chosen ones.

Finally, the title Lord can be used to refer the name YHWH, a name so holy that after scribes wrote it on papyrus, they stopped their day and bathed themselves for they deemed God so holy that we humans were not even worthy to write His name (those who understand this really should never use his name in vain again, for that sin should carry on a whole new meaning).

Names matter. Your name, my name, and God’s name, it all matters. Our lives are more important than to only consider us as a “Biological Human Object.” We are “People With Souls.” And ultimately, because of Christ and the power of His name, we can enter into communion with Him, and I hope all of you, regardless of your name, do just that.


The man, the myth, the legend was born in a tiny rural Mississippi town called Kiln, population 2,040. As a grandson of a Choctaw Indian, he played strong safety, kicker, punter, and quarterback for his high school team that passed less than five times a game. Favre received one and only one scholarship offer to attend Southern Mississippi, who thought he would make a great defensive back. Few people knew that he would be destined for greatness.

Now the year is 2008, and arguably the greatest quarterback of all time is still throwing the pigskin at the age of 18. He has earned the NFL’s iron man equivalent by playing in a record of 275 consecutive games. He owns every record in history including: most touchdown passes, most passing yards, most wins by a quarterback, most pass completions, most pass attempts, most MVP awards, most career games with three or more touchdowns, the unusual record of most wins by a quarterback when the temperature falls under 32 degrees, and many others.

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