Summary: Apostle John in the Spirit on the isle of Patmos having an encounter with Jesus. A message for the church at Sardis to wake up, they appeared unstoppable, while in reality, they were dead and doing nothing of value.

Book of life

Revelation 3:1-6


Good morning- Please turn to Book of Revelation Chapter 3 and as you turn there, let us bow for prayer as we open His word this morning.


Father today, as we come together to hear your word, would you speak to us and reveal yourself to us as we desire to be in your presence. We know Father that the Book of Revelation is the only book in the Bible that records that there is a blessing for just reading it and that a blessing is also for those who embrace the words of this prophecy. Help us today to receive those blessing and embrace your word.

John the apostle is on the isle of Patmos because of his faith in Christ.

Chapter one tells us that he was “in the spirit” on the Lord’s day when he heard a voice behind him sounding like a trumpet saying write in a book what you see and send it to the seven churches.

When I turned around I saw seven lampstands and walking amongst the lampstands was a man wearing a golden robe and his hair was white as snow- his eyes were like flames of fire.

He was gleaming! In his hands were seven stars and out of his mouth was a sharp, double edged sword.

His face was shining like the sun and when he saw him he fell down as dead!

I want you to know something this morning, when you encounter that kind of Jesus, you will never be the same and you will never turn your back on Jesus.

That reassuring voice said to him “Don’t yield to fear.

I am the beginning and I am the end- the living one! I was dead but now I am alive forever more”!

The seven lampstands are symbolic of the seven churches he writes too and the seven stars are the messengers that pastor those churches.

Don’t ever think that Jesus has lost control of his churches and his pastors that love Him.

This same Jesus wants to speak to us this morning-

This world is messed up but don’t you lose heart because Jesus specializes in fixing things that are broken.

This world is looking for heroes.

Cinderella fitting the glass slipper.

King Arthur who could remove the sword from the Rock.

Prince Charming who wakes up the Sleeping beauty.

When our hope expires in our life, we look for a hero to save us-

Long before any created hero, there was Jesus-who provided us salvation and is now seated on the right hand of God intervening for us daily.

John’s revelation was given him while he was in prison on the isle of Patmos. He was there for his belief and his following of Jesus Christ.

He was being punished for his faith by a world that did not know or want to know Jesus Christ as Lord and savior.

Revelation means “uncovering of something” so John is given a revelation or uncovering of something about what is about to happen and what is in the future.

He also is given the privilege of experiencing Jesus.(repeat)

So many times we read the Book of revelation and we want answers to prophecy and we forget that Revelation also is a book for us to experience Jesus.

John experience-

Each of the seven churches has gotten a word from the angel of the Lord-

Each one of these churches has a problem with their walk and obedience.

Each one comes with a warning for not obeying- we love to tell the story of the lukewarm church at Laodicea - but what about the others?

Seven churches with seven pastors and seven congregations serving God and each one has an encounter with Jesus.

Revelation 3:1-6 Read from Bible

Message to the church in Sardis- all seven of these churches were within 30-40 miles of each other.

John Write a letter to the pastor and tell him that I know the things you do- you have a reputation of being alive- but you are dead.

WOW! That is not the letter any pastor would like to get.

How can a church have a reputation of being alive but be dead?

I had to think about that for a minute-

Reputation is what people think about you. Character is what you are.

What people see may appear good and what they say is good but what does God see?

What would His words be?

What is actually being done and what does the Lord see??

Matthew 6-

What Jesus says about prayer- "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. ... But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

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