Summary: This is an outlne to the Chapter by Chapter study of the book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation

Difficult Book

This is confessedly the book of the Bible most difficult of interpretation; and because of this, though a special blessing is promised to its readers (Revelation 1:3), it is very much neglected. We cannot but think that Satan has something to do with this neglect, because it has so much to say about his final downfall. Why should we pass the book by because it is so mysterious and difficult? Do en of science leave scientific problems alone because they happen to be difficult to fathom and comprehend?


It makes a splendid finish to the Divine library. The Rev. Archibald G. Brown points out the striking balance which exists between Genesis and Revelation. “In Genesis 1 see earth created; in Revelation 1 see it passing away. In Genesis Sun and Moon appear; in Revelation I read they have no need for the Sun or Moon. In Genesis there is a garden, which is home for man; in Revelation there is a city, the home for the nations. In Genesis there is the marriage of the first Adam; in Revelation there is the marriage of the second Adam. In Genesis there is the first grim appearance of that great enemy Satan; in Revelation there is his final doom. In Genesis there is the inauguration of sorrow and suffering, you hear the first sob, you see the first tear; in Revelation there is no more sorrow, and no more pain, and all tears are wiped away. In Genesis we hear the mutter of the curse, which falls because of sin; In Revelation we read ‘there shall be no more curse.’ In Genesis we see man driven out from the garden with the tree of life; in Revelation we see him welcomed back, with the tree of life at his disposal.”


In order to a right understanding of the book, several facts must be noted, and kept in mind:

1. It gives a glowing portrait of the Lord Jesus as the Triumphant One. The key phrase is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” It unveils the Lord Jesus. “Whoever sets upon the study of the book to find out what it says about the Lord Jesus, will find it a marvelous revelation.” No less than 26 times do we find in it Christ’s sacrificial title “Lamb.” This book is full of Him!

2. After the end of Chapter 3 the Church is never represented as on earth in this book. Between Chapters 3 and 4 the removal of the Church must have taken place. (The Rapture) Chapter 4 and onward has to do with the awful tribulation and last things.

3. The law of recurrence (to be observed in other books of the Bible, notably that of Genesis) must be noted. After reviewing some great procession or national event, on returning home we usually give an account to our loved ones of what we have seen. After completing our story, we may return to the subject again and again to give additional particulars. This is the law of recurrence. This is precisely what John does. After giving an account of the beginning of the judgments on the earth, and the final victory of the Lord Jesus in Chapters 4 – 8, he returns again to the subject in Chapters 11 – 16, and again in 17 – 22. It is most important to keep this law of recurrence in mind when reading Revelation.

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