Summary: Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus gives us our hope of being a part of the Kingdom of God. We must be Born Again. What does that mean?


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Pastor James May


Every morning mankind arises to walk one more day into the unknown. He knows not where his steps will take him. There is a hope that our knowledge and power to create technology that is designed to better the life of each of us, will take us into a better tomorrow and a brighter future. We try to maintain a positive attitude and you will hear many voices that preach the eventual victory over all of man’s problems. Yet in spite of all our technology, all our planning, scheming and working toward a better life and a better world, the world seems to only grow more evil with each passing day.

The eyes of men are open to the world about them. We see what is happening when there are wars and fighting upon every hand. We understand, at least to some small degree, that there are diametrically opposed forces at work in our world.

Just look at the realm of politics and you will see that people running for public offices must always take a stand. Some of them will be labeled as “Liberal” or “Democratic” while others are labeled as “Conservative” or “Republican”. Some don’t know what they really want to stand for and they label themselves “Centrists” or “Independents”. Looking at these opposing views in the political arena we can easily see that there is a vast division between them that will likely never be bridged. Instead of mankind coming together in unity the division between them grows ever deeper and ever wider.

Each passing day brings new threats and all the while our leaders are doing everything they know to do to bring peace and stability to our troubled world.

The same is true in each individual life. We work hard, spending many hours in toil in an attempt to create a better lifestyle. While most us, through hard work and planning, can create a better lifestyle, there are some things about life that we seem to have no power to control.

It seems that there is some undermining power that is always at work in us. We are unable to control our own destiny. We are unable to turn things around so that we will find the peace and prosperity that we desire so much. We feel so powerless to really change our own lives. Everyday there are many people who just simply give up in this struggle and decide that life isn’t worth living. They will end their lives believing that death will bring some sort of release, when in reality, all that death brings is eternal punishment.

What a terrible thing it must be to live a life of hopelessness and desperation, then to have to spend an eternity in unmentionable torment!

Why cannot mankind solve these problems? Why is it that the more we try, the worse things seem to get? Why is it that we will never feel satisfied, and never feel that we have arrived, no matter how successful we may become in this life? Why is the solution to all of our troubles so elusive?

The reason we can’t find a solution is that the cause of all of our troubles on this earth are not carnal or fleshly. If our troubles were caused by things that we could see it would be easier to overcome them. But our problems are spiritual in nature and we can only see those problems through spiritual eyes.

Though you may have been born into this world with 20-20 vision in your natural eye, you were born into this world with spiritual blindness. That means that you can’t see, nor can you understand anything that is spiritual in nature.

You may have been born with a strong, healthy heart of flesh, but your “spiritual heart” is dead so that you cannot live spiritually without the “inner heart”, that part of you that is your source of life, your mind and your essence of being, must be given life by its Creator.

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