Summary: only the errors are original, heavily relied upon John McCarthur’s New Testament Commentaries

Born to Holiness

James 1:18

Here we find more evidence for the arguments of James that God does not cause and is not responsible for temptation or sin. His proof this morning is regeneration.

The new birth creates new life. This life is to be Godly, holy, righteous, and Christ like.

The new birth is the life of God in the soul of man.

Human lust begets death. The new birth begets life.

I. Who does it?

A. Regeneration is the gift of God, therefore it is the act of God.

1. This gift is from the Father of Lights (17)

2. This gift is accomplished by and through God’s will (18)

B. Salvation is not given as a new life

1. Salvation is a new birth.

2. We are born dead in trespasses and sin

3. Reborn in newness of life (Roms. 6:3-10)

4. Physical conception is without the child’s will

1. Gestation is a natural process

2. Even birth is none outside the babies conscious will

3. The baby is a passive recipient of the will of others and the natural process of growth and birth.

II. What He does.

A. Begets means to render or bring forth. It is used 2 times in VS 15

B. To receive the new birth means to become a partaker of God’s nature

1. New birth is unseen by the human eye

2. Available to all human hearts

3. Evidenced by a transformed life, John 10:10

III. How does it happen? By the word of truth

A. New birth is accomplished by the power of God’s word

B. Regeneration occurs when God acknowledges the reception of the word of God by man. (John 1:12; I Peter 1:23-25)

IV. Why does it happen? (18)

A. First fruits

1. Assumes more fruit

2. Is the best offered

3. Lev. 23:10, wave offering

B. Creatures, the harvest

1. Believers, each of us, God’s 1st installment

2. There is interest to bear

3. God invested His Word in you

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