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Summary: An explanation of the symbolism, obedience, and humility in baptism.

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All right, open up your Bible to Luke chapter three, we are in a journey, a series of talks on Luke and we'll be here for several months. And I really hope that you’re reading along with me. I hope that you’re opening up the scriptures during the week. One of the things I told the guys yesterday at Guys Morning Out was to really be careful about opening up the Bible and reading the story; a story that maybe you’ve read many, many times and getting ahead of yourself.

You know, you know the end of the story, you know all the details of the story, and often times when you read the Bible like that, you miss the revelation that God wants to show you; the new thing that God wants to point out to you. So what I’ve told you before is when you open up the Bible, when you’re reading through these familiar stories of Luke, I want you say, “Lord would you just show me something new, something fresh, something I’ve never seen before? Help me to read the story as if it’s the first time.”

And so this morning we’re going to look at a very familiar story in Luke chapter three. Last week, we looked at the verses one through 14, and today we are going to look at verses 15 through 22. And the title of the talk this morning is Both Baptisms. Both Baptisms; there are multiple baptisms. There’s more than one baptism that’s mentioned in this story and I believe that every person sitting here today, all of you watching online, all of you that may be listening by podcast, should at least ask yourself a question, “Have you received both baptisms?” And that’s a question that every person needs to answer in this room this morning. Have we all received, or have we fully experienced, have we uncovered what God wants us to do in our lives through both baptisms?

So let’s pick it up here. In verse 15 – now remember this is the story of John the Baptist. John the Baptist is out there preaching this gospel of repentance, “The kingdom of heaven is near. One greater than I is about to arrive. He is the Christ that you’ve have longed for. He is the messiah that we have prayed for and he is out there and crowds are coming from the cities, soldiers, tax collectors, religious leaders. Many, many different kinds of people are listening to him talk. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, many of them are now repenting and turning their lives toward God.

Now remember last week we talked about beautiful repentance. And if you did not hear that talk, I want you to listen to it; go back because this week’s talk ties on nicely to last week’s talk. And if you have not heard it, I want you to hear it. The idea of repentance is simply this; a simple definition is turning away, turning toward God with all of your heart and all of your soul. Now literally, when you return your passion toward God, when you turn your motives and your will toward God, you will turn away from things that are causing you to be disobedient. And nobody in this room has ever taken a significant step toward God, becoming a more mature Christ follower, if they did not turn away from something that was causing them to be disobedient.

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